Cryptocurrency 12 Next Crypto to Explode in 2023: In-Depth Analysis and Predictions

The crypto market is growing every day as new projects get released all the time. 2023 is the year of crypto market recovery after they lost over $2 trillion in 2022. 

New platforms are lining up, and millions of investors are excited about the massive gain potential some of them show in the short and long term.

Next Crypto to Explode in 2023:

If you’re looking for the next crypto to explode, the projects we covered in our guide show the highest growth potential, which makes them excellent investment options. So, in the guide, we review a dozen cryptocurrencies that could lead to massive gains in 2023 and beyond.

Next Crypto to Explode This Year 

  1. Bitcoin Minetrix – Bitcoin Minetrix offers a tokenized cloud mining platform, allowing users to mine BTC by staking BTCMTX tokens. With its innovative Stake-to-Mine mechanism and a presale price of $0.011, it raised over $50K in just a few hours. The meticulously designed tokenomics and ambitious roadmap position it as an example in decentralized crypto mining
  2. Meme Kombat – Meme Kombat is a revolutionary play-to-earn platform, blending the vibrant world of memes with exhilarating combat gaming. With its unique proposition of AI-powered battles, players can wager using the native $MK token.
  3. Bitcoin BSC – There was a need for a better and more energy efficient Bitcoin for a couple of years now. And finally we have it in the Bitcoin BSC token, a BTC iteration built on the BNB chain with a Stake-To-Earn Mechanism.
  4. yPredict – All-in-one Web3 platform with advanced crypto analytics features that allow users to create unique models that help traders reduce risk while increasing ROI.
  5. TG.Casino – Step into the future of online gaming with TG.Casino, a revolutionary platform leveraging Telegram’s powerful bot capabilities for instant, secure, and anonymous gaming experiences. With $150,000 raised in minutes during the presale, TG.Casino offers a ton of fair games and a generous welcome offer.
  6. Launchpad XYZ – Web3 project development platform designed to provide crypto traders all the details they need to make better-informed investments.
  7. Chimpzee – Another eco-friendly blockchain platform where users generate native CHMPZ tokens by saving animals and fighting climate change worldwide.
  8. Wall Street Memes – Another new meme coin in presale developed and launched by a team with a 1-million-strong community. The presale raised over $25 million in just a few months, signaling a bright future for all token holders.
  9. Copium – Meme token designed to make fun of crypto investors who can’t cope with their losses. It’s entirely community-run and offers features such as NFT rewards and anti-dumping measures, allowing you to laugh while earning a profit.
  10. Spongebob Token – Another meme coin that appeared out of nowhere, resulting in over 2,500% gains for all early investors. The coin is now trading on multiple major exchanges.
  11. Doge Rush – Meme token built around an interesting Play-to-Earn game designed to turn playtime into pay time with built-in NFTs and other blockchain features.
  12. Swords of Blood – First hack-and-slash blockchain game with amazing play-to-earn rewards and a massive world for players to explore.

Some of these cryptos are also featured in our best cryptos to Invest in 2023 article.

Analyzing the Next Crypto to Explode – Expert Insight

Below you can find detailed reviews of the best cryptos in 2023. We’ll cover them in more detail, allowing you to make a better-informed investment choice that will result in the highest gains by the end of the year. So, let’s see which crypto will explode next to find the next 1000x crypto.

1. Bitcoin Minetrix – Mine Bitcoin For Just $10 Through the new Stake-To-Mine Mechanism

btc minetrix Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX) is emerging as a revolutionary tokenized cloud mining platform, allowing users to mine Bitcoin (BTC) in a decentralized and secure way.

It is designed to democratize crypto mining, offering an innovative stake-to-mine mechanism that opens up the sector to everyday investors. The platform is already creating a buzz in the crypto community, with traders acquiring BTCMTX at the penny crypto price point of $0.011, anticipating a surge similar to Bitcoin’s rise to over $30,000.

Bitcoin Minetrix has outlined ambitious plans to launch its cloud mining services post-presale and to develop a mobile version of the Stake-to-Mine mechanism. The roadmap also includes potential partnerships with large external cloud mining companies to expand the platform’s mining capabilities. If realized, these developments could offer substantial upside for early adopters.

Following the success of other Bitcoin derivatives like Bitcoin Cash and BTC20, Bitcoin Minetrix combines popular themes of Bitcoin, staking, and mining, offering long-term utility and alleviating sell pressure on launch.

Bitcoin Minetrix’s unique mechanism allows users to stake BTCMTX tokens to earn non-tradable credits, which can be utilized for cloud mining time. This innovative model eliminates the need for expensive mining hardware, making Bitcoin mining accessible to all, regardless of experience or financial capabilities.

Bitcoin Minetrix has outlined ambitious plans to launch its cloud mining services post-presale and to develop a mobile version of the Stake-to-Mine mechanism. The roadmap also includes potential partnerships with large cloud mining firms to expand the platform’s mining abilities.

With a total supply of 4 billion tokens, 70% (2.8 billion BTCMTX) are available during the presale phase, purchasable using ETH or USDT, with a minimum buy-in of just $10.

The token serves multiple utilities, including purchasing subscriptions and accessing exclusive, data-driven insights, and earning opportunities through various platform features.

BTCMTX is one of the rare tokens that managed to raise over $50,000 in just a few hours since the presale start, and if thing continue in this direction, we can easily see it sell out very soon.

Token Info Bitcoin Minetrix
 Presale Started September 26st, 2023
 Purchase Methods USDT, ETH
 Chain Ethereum
 Hard Cap $32,000,000
 Min Investment $10
 Max Investment  None

2. Meme Kombat – World’s First Battle Arena For Meme Coins

meme kombat logo Meme Kombat is swiftly gaining momentum in the crypto presale landscape, intertwining the excitement of gaming with the appeal of memes, and it’s swiftly capturing the fascination of the crypto realm!

This avant-garde coin has already garnered over $25,000, showcasing its unique blend of gaming and staking elements, positioning itself to reshape the meme coin domain.

It opens up avenues for enthusiasts to leverage the native $MK token to place bets on the outcomes of automated, AI-enhanced battles between iconic memes, offering an unparalleled experience in the crypto sphere. This inventive model has sparked widespread interest, with the ongoing presale attracting substantial support, and 50% of the MK supply being made available to early adopters.

meme kombat

The enthusiasm surrounding Meme Kombat is evident, with an increasing influx of members converging on its Telegram channel, eager to plunge into the vibrant action and learn more about this distinctive meme-battling ecosystem.

Meme Kombat stands out with its strategic tokenomics and the integration of staking and betting functionalities. Users have the opportunity to stake MK tokens on the platform, reaping passive rewards with an attractive 112% APY, and also allocate tokens for wagering in the dynamic environment of Meme Kombat.

The coin’s creator, Matt Whiteman, has openly shared his identity, a rare and commendable step in the meme coin sector, enhancing the credibility and fostering trust in the project, backed by his extensive expertise in process design and improvement.

With its clear developmental roadmap, experienced leadership, and an upcoming audit, Meme Kombat is ticking all the boxes for a promising crypto endeavor.

Whether you’re a gaming enthusiast or a meme devotee, now is the opportune moment to explore Meme Kombat and be part of a transformative expedition in the crypto 

Token Info Meme Kombat
 Presale Started September 21st, 2023
 Purchase Methods USDT, ETH
 Chain Ethereum
 Hard Cap $10,000,000
 Min Investment 0.015 ETH
 Max Investment  None

3. TG.Casino – A New, Improved, & Safer Way to Gamble 

tgcasino logo TG.Casino is not merely innovating the realm of online gaming; it’s establishing a new paradigm, merging the excitement of gaming with the advanced technology of Telegram’s robust bot functionalities. This platform has quickly captured interest, securing $150,000 in its presale in just a few minutes.

The driving force behind TG.Casino is a vision to provide a seamless experience with instant sign-ups, deposits, and withdrawals via Telegram, bypassing the inconveniences of additional fees and KYC verifications.

By leveraging Telegram’s superior bot features, TG.Casino offers automation, app hosting, and unparalleled encryption, setting a new benchmark in user experience.

Integrating with Telegram, a messaging giant boasting nearly 800 million active users worldwide, TG.Casino elevates the user experience, enabling players to engage, transact, and enjoy games with utmost security and privacy.

TG Casino Banner

The strategic design of TG.Casino’s tokenomics and presale is noteworthy, with TGC tokens priced at $0.125, targeting a $5 million hard cap during the presale. These tokens are multifunctional, serving as a medium for staking, rewards, loyalty, and profit-sharing, presenting users with a diverse range of earning opportunities.

The staking model is also compelling, offering an annualized yield percentage (APY) that surpasses 4,000% as of now.

Additionally, a distinctive buy-back strategy is implemented, where a segment of the casino’s profits is allocated to acquire and burn TGC, inducing a deflationary effect and potentially augmenting the token’s value over time.  Find out how to buy TG. Casino Tokens here.

In essence, TG.Casino is on track to redefine the landscape of crypto gaming, providing a wide array of top-notch, fair games and an attractive welcome bonus, all while maintaining user anonymity and security. It’s not just about gaming; it’s about experiencing gaming with enhanced convenience and security, making it a potential trendsetter in the industry.

Token Info TG.Casino
 Presale Started September 21st, 2023
 Purchase Methods USDT, ETH
 Chain Ethereum
 Hard Cap $5,000,000
 Min Investment None
 Max Investment  None

4. Launchpad XYZ – Web3 Dashboard With Everything Crypto Trades and Investors Could Ever Need

launchpad xyz logo Launchpad XYZ is the newest Web3 crypto analytics and trading platform with the perfect timing. Everyone knows that crypto markets are highly volatile and are becoming even harder to navigate due to various legal and other factors.

Launchpad’s primary goal is to provide traders and investors with a versatile analytics tool to ensure they never miss an excellent crypto or NFT investment option.

Launchpad will inform the users about current presales, minting opportunities, and other time-sensitive investment options.

12 Next Crypto to Explode in 2023: In-Depth Analysis and Predictions

The platform will analyze the markets in real time, providing users with impressive tools such as coin price data, NFT market data, details on new token presales, access to the latest metaverse platforms, and much more.

It will also feature a decentralized token exchange and a built-in NFT marketplace where users can complete transactions instantly.

In short, Launchpad XYZ will offer all essential information in a single dashboard, all powered by the native $LPX token. Token holders will get a wide range of benefits, including trading tokens, staking, and more.

It’s the first platform of its kind, and if it’s successful, it could become the next cryptocurrency to explode by 2025. Visit the official Launchpad XYZ site and get your $LPX tokens in presale at the lowest price possible. Find out how to buy Launchpad XYZ here.

Hard Cap $12,500,000
Total Tokens 1 billion
Blockchain Ethereum Network
Token type ERC-20
Tokens available in presale 250 million

5. yPredict – Crypto Analytics and Trading Platform With User Create AI Price Prediction Models

ypredict logo yPredict is an all-in-one crypto analytics platform that uses AI to give users valuable insights to help them get higher returns when trading cryptocurrencies.

The platform’s goal is to create an ecosystem that offers a reliable approach to predicting future crypto prices to allow users never to miss the next crypto to explode ever again. 

The platform is powered by the native $YPRED token used to purchase paid monthly subscriptions. In return, users will get exclusive data-driven insights through multiple prediction models created by artificial intelligence.

12 Next Crypto to Explode in 2023: In-Depth Analysis and Predictions

Users can also earn tokens by taking crypto quizzes, playing P2E games, or creating their own AI-driven price predictive models. The entire system is run on the Polygon blockchain, ensuring fast transactions and long-term success. 

$YPRED tokens are in presale right now, so you can invest while they are at their lowest price point. The presale has raised over $2.5 million so far, and during the final stage, the token’s value will match its listing price of $0.12. yPredict is an excellent cheap crypto that will explode in 2023, but it can provide you with much more than a fast profit.

The many available AI-powered features will help you increase your success as a crypto trader in the long run, something you can’t usually find when investing in cryptocurrencies.  Learn how to buy yPredict here.

Presale launch date  Q1 2023
Purchase methods MATIC, ETH, BNB, USDT, Credit Card
Chain Polygon
Min Investment 200 YPRED
Hard Cap $6,500,000

6. Chimpzee – Earn Tokens By Saving Animals 

chimpzee logo Some cryptocurrency platforms focus on making a positive impact on environmental and social issues. Chimpzee is one of those projects, and it aims to help save endangered animals and wildlife all over the planet.

Instead of allowing users to earn tokens by playing games, Chimpanzee will reward users for supporting eco-friendly projects.

The Chimpzee shop will give users access to various Shop-to-Earn, Trade-to-Earn, and Play-to-Earn options and an NFT marketplace. All mechanics are powered by the native CHMPZ token, and users who obtain a Chimpzee passport can generate more tokens.

chimpzee 3

The platform will launch an AI-powered mobile app that will allow users to create unique avatars used to create a custom Chimpzee passport.

The CHMPZ token presale is active, and if you invest right now, you can win bonus coins and other exclusive rewards. The Chimpzee Diamond NFT passport is the most valuable reward, but their numbers are limited during the presale.

If you don’t get one now, you’ll have to wait until the game goes live to get it at a much higher price. Chimpzee is one of the best contenders for the next crypto to explode.

Token Symbol CHMPZ
Total token supply 200 billion
Presale supply 40 billion
Chain Ethereum
Purchase methods ETH, USDT, Credit Card

7. Wall Street Memes – Exciting New Meme Coin Backed By a 1-Million Strong Community

wall st memes 4 r5 Wall Street Memes will probably become the next “King of Memes,” as it’s backed by one of the largest online communities to date.

The platform is fully developed by Wall St. Bulls, the same Reddit community that managed to push one of the largest hedge funds on the planet out of business during the GameStop stock controversy in 2021.

The devs also launched the Wall St. Bulls NFT collection that raised over $2.5 million, selling the entire offer of unique designs in just 32 minutes.

12 Next Crypto to Explode in 2023: In-Depth Analysis and Predictions

The fact that the platform is backed by such a massive community makes it a unique token that will likely be the next crypto to take off in the next few months. It raised the first few million days after the presale went live and is now closing on $25 million, just a two months  after launch, making it one of the best meme coins to invest in.

The Wall St. Bulls community is so well known online that even Elon Musk mentioned it in a few of his Tweets. If he does the same for the $WSM token, it could become the next 1000x crypto overnight. 

Unlike most other meme coin startups, Wall Street Memes is designed according to the best industry standards. It has fantastic token allocation and distribution that will limit dumping, ensuring the crypto stays relevant for years.

If you invest right now, you will also get a chance to win another $50K in $WSM tokens, but even if you don’t, you can expect massive returns in late 2023. Learn how to buy Wall Street Memes here.

8. Bitcoin BSC – Bridging the Legacy of BTC with Cost-Effectiveness of BNB Smart Chain

Bitcoin BSC is set to revolutionize the crypto scene by fusing the unparalleled reputation of Bitcoin with the swift, cost-effective ecosystem of Binance Smart Chain. Built by a team of blockchain gurus who are also hardcore Bitcoin enthusiasts, this project aims to merge the best of both worlds, ensuring a new era in decentralized finance. bitcoin bsc logo

But why exactly BNB smart chain? Well, The BNB Smart Chain is rooted in Ethereum’s foundational code, blending robust security with advanced smart contract functionalities.

This design offers users a distinct advantage, as it leads to significant savings on gas costs while delivering faster and more economical transactions than its Ethereum counterpart. Additionally, the ease of storing and trading BTCBSC is highlighted by its seamless compatibility with popular dapps, including Trust Wallet and MetaMask, which support BEP-20 Tokens.

bitcoin BSC

The Bitcoin BSC presale is structured in two distinct stages. In the first phase 4 million Bitcoin BSC tokens are priced at 99¢, reminiscent of Bitcoin’s 2011 valuation. The subsequent phase will offer another 2.125 million tokens at an identical rate to achieve the hard cap.

Should there be any tokens left unsold before their official listing, they will be integrated into the Bitcoin BSC staking contract, ensuring a capped supply of 21 million Bitcoin BSC tokens. Find out how to buy Bitcoin BSC here

After hitting the HardCap, the remaining pool of 14.875 million tokens will be safely secured in a non-modifiable staking contract.

Notably, as the entire presale allocation is earmarked for the community, a ‘pre-mined’ set of tokens, constituting 2% of the total supply, will be reserved. 

Token Info Bitcoin BSC
 Presale Started September 2023
 Purchase Methods USDT, ETH
 Chain BNB
 Hard Cap $6,125,000
 Min Investment $10
 Max Investment  None

9. Copium Club – Meme Token That Making Fun Of Investors Who Can’t Cope With Losses

copium logo True to the nature of meme coins, a new token called $COPIUM is the latest addition to the popular crypto niche. It’s entertainment-only crypto, and its primary goal is to make fun of crypto traders who can’t cope with their losses.

The $COPIUM token was inspired by $ PEPE’s massive success, so it came about a month later, promising huge NFT rewards to all community members who did what they could to spread the word about the platform.

As soon as it launched on May 18, 2023, $COPIUM grew by 400% within one hour. The demand exploded immediately, but most investors dumped their tokens just a few days later.

copium crypto

$COPIUM is currently trading at a price point around $0.0003250, which is its lowest price since going live. The token is backed by a strong community with humor at its core, which makes it one of the best traditional meme coins to buy in 2023.

The Copium Club aims to turn coping into an investment option, creating a new subcategory in the meme coin niche. While there was a presale, it was limited to only 200 early investors that could spend only 1 ETH each.

$COPIUM tokens are available on most major exchanges, and with a bit of luck, they could become the next crypto to skyrocket to some massive gains. Read our full $COPIUM price prediction here.

10. Spongebob Token – New Meme Coin Inspired By Spongebob Squarepants 

Spongebob Token is another meme coin that appeared on Uniswap without any presales, or online advertising, inspired by $ PEPE’s sudden success. It took off immediately, gaining over 2.500% during the first few days, providing early investors with impressive gains in a short time period.

Like $PEPE, $SPONGE tokens quickly became one of the most popular meme tokens on the market.

The platform has 40.4 billion tokens, a much lower supply than most other meme coins. If it stays relevant for a few months, it could become the next crypto to explode by the end of the year.

sponge token 100x

The future looks bright, considering that $SPONGE tokens are trading on major exchanges, including CoinMarketCap and DEXTools. Find out where to buy $SPONGE here.

$SPONGE aims to become the “Krabby Patty of Meme Coins,” or in other words, it wants to become the next big crypto in the niche. The token launched for $0.0000741, exploding to over $0.0020 in just a few days.

$SPONGE tokens have since dropped to the $0.00015 price point, so if you invest right now, you will enjoy massive returns during the next major bull run. Adding a few $SPONGE tokens to your crypto portfolio may be the best choice you made this year.

11. Doge Rush – Meme Token Expected to Double In Value After Going Live

dogerush logo Doge Rush is another emerging meme token that could become the next crypto to explode in 2023. It’s a platform designed according to the best industry practices, and the native $DR tokens are expected to at least double in value after the first exchange listings. 

The platform is called DogeHub, and it’s a place where users can find and play various games to earn $DR tokens. Most games are similar to Sonic Dash and Temple Rush, but they also include the latest memes to make the experience more enjoyable.

For example, players can use Doge or Elon Musk as playable characters. Some games even require you to run away from Elon Musk, providing a hilarious gaming experience.

You can also join the DogeWin competition platform to earn even more $DR tokens and potentially some NFT rewards. Doge Rusk is one of the most exciting new meme coins on the market, with a total supply of 2 billion tokens, half of which are available in presale.


The official Doge Rush presale is in its earliest stages, so you can get the $DR token at the lowest price they’ll ever be. Since the tokens can only go up from here, Doge Rush could be the next cheap crypto that will explode in 2023.

12. Swords of Blood – World’s First Blockchain Hack-And-Slash RPG

swords of blood logo Swords of Blood is the world’s first crypto platform built around a fantastic AAA-quality hack-and-slash RPG similar to Diablo. It offers high-speed, action-packed gameplay with Play-to-Earn mechanics.

The game is free, so anyone can play it and earn native $SWDTKN for completing challenges, winning boss fights, and selling in-game items at the store.

The platform is built on Polygon, and besides offering a fast-paced combat experience, it also has fantastic graphics, on-screen effects, and a compelling story. The world of Swords of Blood is massive, and if you get bored of exploring, you can always enter the PvP arena, where you can team up with up to 16 players.

The story takes place in the world of Ezura, and your job is to fight the forces of evil. Players can choose between multiple classes, including warriors, battle mages, and dungeon crawlers.

swords of blood

Available game modes include Boss Fortresses, Monster Hunt dungeons, daily quests, and more. You’ll also get a chance to win rewards through giveaways and the possibility to invest in Swords of Blood NFTs.

$SWDTKN is still available in presale, so don’t miss your chance to invest in the next crypto to blow up in 2023.

Should You Consider Investing In These High-Potential Coins?

The short answer is yes. Most of the platforms covered above are in the presale or have launched very recently. That means you can invest while the price of tokens is the lowest.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that the platforms you’ve invested in will lead to high returns, but they are the best investment options as they are at the beginning of their lifecycle.

Almost all emerging cryptos experience a bull run after going live, but the next big cryptos will keep growing steadily for years.

How to Find the Next Cryptocurrency to Explode – Step-by-step Guide

Finding the next cryptocurrency to explode isn’t that hard, but only if you know where to look.

With thousands of cryptos available and many more released almost every day, finding the ones with the highest return potential requires thorough research and an excellent understanding of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency markets.

So, let’s look at some of the best methods to help you find the next crypto to explode in 2023.

Get Information From Social Media

Social media channels on Twitter and Reddit are excellent sources of accurate crypto news with real-time updates. Most crypto platforms have a dedicated subreddit where thousands of users share their experiences.

That lets you get direct information on new projects and other data to help you find cheap crypto that will explode in 2023.

Follow ICOs Closely

ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering, a process most crypto startups use to raise funds needed to develop the project. During ICOs, investors can buy tokens at a discount to get the highest returns in the future.

Many of the best cryptocurrencies in the world began as worthless digital tokens that outgrew all expectations, leading to massive gains for all token holders. However, many new cryptos are scams, so it’s essential to research every potential option and find the best crypto ICOs.

Follow Crypto News

Lastly, one of the best ways to find the next 1000x crypto is to follow the latest cryptocurrency news daily.

That will help you identify high-potential cryptos, allowing you to get the most out of every investment and ensure you never miss new Binance Listings.

Where To Look for Other Potential Crypto to Boom

There are multiple options when looking for the next cryptocurrency to boom. The best approach is to join active crypto communities on Discord, Twitter, and Telegram, as that’s usually where you can learn about new crypto IEOs and get the latest crypto news. 

You can also read through our articles for the best cryptos to invest in 2023 to find some of the best investment options this year. Another option is creating an account on popular crypto exchanges that facilitate IEOs.

That includes platforms like CoinGecko, MEXC Global, Uniswap, etc. 

However, crypto platforms like yPredict, Dash2Trade, and others offer users access to the latest IEOs or use advanced AI solutions to predict future crypto prices.

Other popular investing platforms allow users to copy crypto whale trades for a fee, allowing users to get higher returns with less risk. 

Lastly, keeping your eyes open for the best crypto presales would be best, as most tokens sold during this phase are available at a massive discount. If you invest during the earliest presale phases, you will get at least 200% returns once the platform goes live.

However, many newly-launched cryptos resulted in 100x or higher gains for early investors. Still, you must analyze the platform’s whitepaper to ensure it’s made according to the best industry practices before investing.

What’s the Best Way To Make A Profit On the Crypto Market?

Cryptocurrency markets can lead to a fast profit, but only if you know where to put your money. Generally speaking, the best way to profit is day trading cryptocurrencies. However, that requires an excellent understanding of crypto markets, so it’s not an ideal choice for beginners. 

Other popular options include staking tokens, Play-to-Earn crypto games, and giveaways. Staking is the most popular option for crypto traders, as it’s available on many crypto platforms.

On the other hand, P2E mechanics are slowly taking over the crypto markets since everyone likes playing video games that reward them with cryptos they can sell. 

There are countless ways to make a profit, but if you’re looking for the highest returns, investing in new cryptocurrency projects during presales is the best option. Then, wait until the platform goes live and sell the tokens when the demand reaches its maximum.

Next Crypto to Explode in 2023 – FAQs!

What is the next crypto to explode in 2023?

When will the next crypto bull run happen?

What is the best new crypto to buy?

How to know what crypto you should buy?

Final Words

This guide gives you a detailed look at some of the next crypto assets that could explode in 2023. Some are excellent short-term investment options, while others show long-term growth potential. 

However, it would be best if you always took the time to research every crypto thoroughly before investing any money, as crypto markets are traditionally highly volatile.

If we had to pick the next crypto to explode, our vote would go to Wall Street Memes, as it’s backed by one of the largest communities in the crypto ecosystem. $WSM has raised almost $10 million in less than a month, so it’s definitely one of the best cryptos to buy now

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