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Polymath offers a platform dedicated to token issuance while ensuring adherence to legal protocols. Central to their offering is the Security Token (ST20), designed to fulfill all legal mandates tied to securities.

Essentially, this token is recognized as legally on par with securities, satisfying regulatory standards set by bodies like the SEC.

Polymath (POLY) Price Prediction
Polymath’s platform caters to issuers of conventional securities, including stocks and bonds, who are keen on tokenization. It also serves investors who have completed the KYC (Know Your Customer) process.

Further exploration is needed to understand additional features of the Polymath project and the potential trajectory of the POLY token.

Polymath Price Prediction

  • The current price of Polymath, indicated in real-time, is $0.20.
  • Based on our projections, the POLY price might experience a decrease of approximately 14.12% and could drop to its lowest by August 2, 2023.
  • A review of the technical indicators points towards a prevailing market sentiment that leans towards bullishness.
  • A breakdown of market sentiment reveals a 24% bearish outlook and a Fear & Greed Index score at a neutral 50. 
  • Evaluating its performance over the past month, Polymath has registered green on 18 out of 30 days (equivalent to 60%) and demonstrated price volatility of 5.38%.
Year Minimum Price Average Price  Maximum Price
2023 $0.149985  $0.159984 $0.179982
2024 $0.229977  $0.229977 $0.259974
2025 $0.319968  $0.329967 $0.389961
2030 $1.97  $2.02 $2.35

What is Polymath, And What Is It Used For?

The Polymath initiative was developed to streamline procedures and reduce associated costs. Three fundamental aspects underpin its success: legal assistance, a decentralized bid platform, and minimal commissions.

Two distinct token types exist within the project. The first kind grants holders access to the project’s products. The quantity of security tokens reflects the holder’s stake in the project. Owners of these security tokens receive company dividends. 

All stakeholders in the project are awarded internal tokens. Since security tokens are classified as securities, they are subject to governmental regulations.

The POLY token facilitates payments for operations and services on the Polymath platform. Adhering to the ERC20 standard, this utility token can be housed in Ethereum wallets that support ERC20 tokens. 

The project team, primarily based in Canada, comprises renowned experts in the field. Polymath is a promising project bolstered by a robust marketing campaign.

Polymath Overview

Cryptocurrency Polymath
Ticker Symbol POLY
Rank 235
Price $0.158919
Price Change 24H 19.54%
Market Cap $147,885,227
Circulating Supply 924,998,413 POLY
Trading Volume 24H $799,030
All-Time High $1.59
All Time Low   $0.017

Polymath Price History

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) formally registered the Polymath ICO, distinguishing it as the inaugural ICO to comply with SEC standards fully. Through a private token sale exclusive to vetted investors, Polymath secured over $59 million. This move set a precedent for others in the cryptocurrency domain.

In February 2018, the value of the Polymath cryptocurrency witnessed a substantial surge, elevating from $0.60 to $1.20.

After its public offering, numerous exchanges added the coin to their listings. It attained its record peak at $1.66 in Q3 of 2018.

By April 8, POLY’s price returned to $0.322, although it managed to bounce back to $1.158 by May 15. Nonetheless, the uptrend was brief, with the year concluding at $0.1475 for POLY.

Polymath Price History

2019 presented bearish conditions for Polymath, culminating in the year-end price of $0.01659. Current metrics indicate that Polymath is priced at $0.15 and occupies the 234th position in the global cryptocurrency ranking.

With a circulating supply valued at $142,061,608.58, its market capitalization stands at 924,998,413 POLY.

On the last day, we witnessed a $0.02 increase in Polymath’s price. Over the past week, a positive 13.09% increment has been observed, and the past month has seen an uplift of 22.3%, translating to an addition of roughly $0.03 to its prevailing value.

The recent trajectory suggests promising potential for Polymath in the market.

Polymath price history key points:

  • As per the history of POLY, the price of Polymath is expected to increase by 9.98%, targeting a value of $0.172059 by August 6, 2023.
  • In a retrospective view of the past 30 days, Polymath marked green on 19 out of 30 days, accounting for 63%. During this period, the price volatility stood at 6.73%.
  • Polymath’s price was higher, pushing the market capitalization to $839.97 million on November 28, 2021.
  • Polymath’s market cap was $182.31 million on December 16, 2022,  with a recorded trading volume of $1.87 million.

Polymath Price Prediction 2023

The token of Polymath, associated with a computational lab, has seen a daily decline of 8.23%. However, projections indicate potential growth. On CoinMarketcap, investors continue to show positive sentiment toward this token.

The peak price of Polymath has been noted at $0.4261. Based on historical data, the anticipated next low might be approximately $0.1016.

Interestingly, the predicted low for 2023 is expected to be even less than the 2022 low, which was $0.1153, suggesting a continuing downtrend for Polymath. One would need to assess the daily chart to get a clearer perspective.

The established low for 2022 is pegged at $0.149, aligning with a significant support level. For 2023, potential intense support levels are found at $0.2015 and then at $0.1697.

The latter has shown multiple touchpoints, emphasizing its strength. If the Polymath network maintains its performance and the Polymesh mainnet expands, the 2023 low could stabilize at $0.1697, breaking its declining trend.

Price Prediction 2023

Cryptocurrency experts are set to release their predictions for the POLY price in September 2023. The projected range is between $0.120 and $0.235, with an average estimation of around $0.178.

If Polymath prioritizes enhancing its utility, there’s potential for significant growth. In such a case, the cost of POLY could rise to a new peak of $0.5960. On the contrary, if it encounters instability, the price may fall to a low of $0.3091. In the event of limited fluctuation, the price might normalize to its typical $0.4521.

Polymath Price Prediction 2024

Based on historical price analyses of Polymath, projections for 2024 indicate a potential minimum price of around $0.23. The maximum price might reach approximately $0.26, with an average trading price anticipated to be about $0.23 for the year.

Given market conditions, a high of $0.6255 is predicted in early 2024. Consequently, the 2024 price forecast for POLY tokens is set at $0.6255, with a support level suggesting a potential low of $0.2960. 

By 2024, POLY could peak at $0.6255, surpassing the second-highest reference point labeled “B” on the weekly chart. This trajectory suggests favorable outcomes for Polymath’s network price.

Using a Fibonacci indicator on the 2024 high, POLY can increase to $1.37 at the start of 2025, which matches its September 2021 peak, also known as “A1”.

The anticipated low for 2025, according to the Fibonacci indicator, stands at $0.622. Notably, this would be greater than POLY’s 2024 high, emphasizing a clear uptrend. 

The Polymath Capital Platform is Polymath’s comprehensive, institutional-grade platform. It serves as a bridge for a wide range of investors, catering to businesses capable of managing their issuances and extending to larger entities such as broker-dealers, banks, and traditional exchanges aiming for integration with their existing systems.

Polymath presents a cohesive solution, setting the stage for the future back-office operational system in capital markets. This platform empowers issuers with an optimized system from the outset.

Month Potential Low Average Price Potential High
July 2024 $0.184  $0.258  $0.238
August 2024  $0.193  $0.252 $0.243
September 2024  $0.203 $0.247 $0.247
October 2024  $0.212 $0.241 $0.251 
November 2024  $0.221 $0.236 $0.256
December 2024  $0.230 $0.230 $0.260

Polymath Price Prediction 2025

Polymath is not a newcomer to the cryptocurrency scene. It was listed on the Binance.com exchange, which originated in China in 2017, as early as 2018. However, U.S. investors are unable to access this platform.

Binance, despite being one of the world’s top exchanges in terms of volume, has encountered regulatory challenges.

In 2019, it ceased serving American users, faced a ban in Italy after moving its base to Malta, and underwent investigations in the U.S. for potential tax fraud and money laundering.

Moving away from exchange-related information, focusing on Polymath, its inception revolved around tokenizing a private fund. Transforming personal equity assets into digital, tradable assets offers a practical method to generate capital for new initiatives.

Once these assets are tokenized, they can be divided into smaller units. For instance, a fund can split a $4 million commitment into 100 tokens, each valued at $40,000, or distribute it as 4 million tokens, each valued at $1. This offers flexibility in fractionalization based on the fund’s preference.

Price Prediction 2025

Polymath aspires to drive the future of capital markets through its security token operating system. Its Polymesh blockchain and platform play crucial roles in achieving this vision.

The platform enables private securities to launch offerings on a secure infrastructure, eliminating IT-related concerns. As a result, Polymath stands out as a significant blockchain developer globally.

Polymath has introduced various tools that cater to non-technical users to make the network more user-friendly. By integrating user-centric tools with Polymesh’s powerful capabilities, Polymath could dramatically reshape financial markets. This potential is reflected in a speculated price increase to $1.7328.

Cryptocurrency experts’ technical analysis suggests that, by 2025, Polymath’s POLY token may oscillate between approximately $0.32 and $0.39, averaging around $0.33.

As we transition into the latter half of 2025, the broader cryptocurrency market seems poised for recovery. Notable markers such as Bitcoin’s 80% surge and a resurgence of institutional engagement signal a bullish phase. 

Polymath Price Prediction 2030

Based on predictions, the average duration between the lowest and highest price points is 108.5 days, with a decline of 76.19%. Following the A1 event, the lowest price could be approximately $0.3272. This is still an increase compared to the last cycle’s lowest point. It’s important to mention that the closest Fibonacci retracement level is at $0.622. 

Therefore, should there be a significant correction in the Poly tokens, the 2025 low might be at $0.3272, but it also has the potential to reach $0.622. According to the Polymath price forecast, the trajectory leading up to 2030 appears upward. 

For future price predictions, Fibonacci levels are applied to A1. Polymath’s price might reach $2.79 following the previous momentum by 2028. It’s worth noting that there could be occasional declines. For the long-term forecast of Polymath’s price, we consider the consistent growth of its ecosystem.

Consequently, the average price of POLY tokens may differ from the general Polymath price prediction, influenced by market sentiments or the widespread adoption of blockchain technology.

Assuming POLY’s price hits $2.79 by 2028, the same Fibonacci levels indicate potential costs of up to $3.78 by early 2030, given that the growth pattern remains consistent.

The 2030 forecast for Polymath suggests that the cryptocurrency will see increased value in the subsequent years. It’s anticipated that the POLY price could peak at $3.79, have a floor value of $2.92, and average around $3.52 in 2030.

Polymath is the day’s most significant gainer among the top 200 cryptocurrencies in market capitalization. Bitcoin Gold follows closely with a 24-hour gain of 7.13%. FTX Token, Bone ShibaSwap, and Helium also feature prominently among the day’s top-performing cryptocurrencies.

Possible Lows and Highs of Polymath Price

Despite its challenges, Polymath boasts one of the most compelling use cases in the cryptocurrency sphere, positioning it as a potentially leading altcoin. Below is our price prediction for POLY:

Possible Lows and Highs of Polymath Price

Year Minimum Price Maximum Price
2023 0.4261 $0.1697
2024 $0.6255 $0.2960
2025 $1.37 $0.622 
2030 $3.78 $2.34

What Do Other Analysts Predict for Polymath

Changelly’s technical analysis suggests that the lowest price for Polymath in 2023 is about $0.120, with a potential high of $0.208. An average trade price of $0.297 is expected.

Based on historical prices of Polymath and Bitcoin halving cycles, CoinCodex estimates that the lowest price for Polymath in 2024 might be as low as $0.141790. On the flip side, that year’s expected peak is set at $0.699489. The future value of one unit of Polymath is estimated using these variables up until the year 2030.

AMB Crypto’s analysis for December 2023 posits that Polymath’s price could range from $0.24 to $0.27, with an average anticipated price of $0.25.

Our present evaluation from Digital Coin Price suggests that Polymath’s value could surge by 224.54%, potentially hitting $0.56 by the close of 2025. Most technical indicators currently project a bullish sentiment.

The Fear & Greed Index registers a value of 41.64, signifying a predominant sentiment of extreme fear. Based on this forecast for Polymath, it appears to be a favorable time to invest in cryptocurrency.

As per CoinWire’s projections, POLY is anticipated to undergo a bullish trend, potentially reaching prices of $0.441900 in 2026 and further increasing to $0.535675 by 2027.

What Factors Influence the Polymath Price?

There are several reasons why cryptocurrency initiatives may fail. A lack of media coverage, stronger market competitors, slow marketing approaches, flaws in the protocol, and failure to expect development milestones are all common challenges.

Polymath was inactive for long periods. It showed its hike in September 2021 when its value went over $1, which hadn’t happened since 2018 – it was dusted before this event. Before investing, you need to do a lot of study. Whether or not Polymath is a good investment depends on the person, so it’s best to talk to someone who knows about investments.

What Factors Influence the Polymath Price?

The recent launch of the Polymesh mainnet has introduced a new dynamic. Polymath users can now enjoy reduced and minimal costs and a more user-friendly interface. With these improvements and the network’s history, it’s simple to dive into why many investors are interested in Polymath.

As Polymath has an uptick mark in future predictions and a revival situation, POLY has various reasons to be a top attention seeker in the crypto space. It is exceptionally stable to be a market leader.

It is known for helping create and promote the ERC1400 token standard and working consistently to move the security token field forward.

Is Polymath a Buy?

The potential value of the Polymath coin, known as POLY, could rise if a growing number of global businesses transition their financial resources to blockchain technology.

Should a larger volume of real-world funds be integrated into the blockchain, mainly through platforms like the Polymath network or the Polymesh mainnet, the demand and value of POLY, the inherent transactional token, may see an uptick.


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