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Shiba Saga (SHIA) is a new meme coin ecosystem with utility that makes it stand out in the competitive crypto niche. It recreates classic and casual games for its community inspired by popular games such as Subway Surfers.

Shiba (SHIB) Price Prediction

Shiba Saga gives its community access to NFTs unlocked through gaming activities. Furthermore, Shiba Saga gives its community access to staking rewards and is developing a Metaverse.

Its utility attracts many followers to the project, with over 7000 holders

Shiba Saga’s utility token, SHIA, has a total supply of 2 billion and is available on the Uniswap crypto exchange. Here is Shiba Saga’s short and long-term price outlook and top features driving adoption in its ecosystem. 

Shiba Saga (SHIA) Price Prediction Summary 

  • SHIA launched on August 22, 2023, on the Uniswap crypto exchange
  • By the end of 2023, SHIA is projected to attain a high of $0.5
  • Also, by 2025, the play and earn mode will make the ecosystem attractive to users. It will likely hit a high of $2 in 2025. 
  • Finally, by 2030, Shiba Saga will be well established in the crypto sphere, fully unraveling its roadmap. It will likely attain a high of $5 by 2030. 

Price Historical Data of Shiba Saga (SHIA)

Shiba Saga’s token SHIA was listed on the Uniswap decentralized exchange on August 22, 2023. Consequently, a few days after its listing, its price surged to an all-time high of $0. 79 on August 26. 

However, a rapid decline followed on August 27, leading to a drop for SHIA to an all-time low value of $0.11 on September 11. 

Price History of Shiba Saga

Despite attempts at a recovery, SHIA has remained in the $0.11 – $0.12 range to date. Like many dog-themed meme coins, it enjoyed an early rally before a price decline

However, its listing on Uniswap, the largest DEX worldwide, will likely boost its price since it exposes the token to a wide audience. 

Also, based on the (DeFi) ecosystem tokenomics, 38% of the total supply is for presale, and 38% for rewards. These rewards will likely attract more users to the ecosystem, thus boosting SHIA’s Price.

Shiba Saga Short-Term Price Forecast: Will It Rally Again? 

The daily chart on Dextools.io reveals that SHAI is in a sideways trend. After an initial five-day rally from August 22-26, SHIA’s price dropped till it rested on the $0.10 support level

It faces resistance at $0.13 as the sellers dominate the market. Furthermore, SHIA is trading in the lower region of the Donchian Channel (DC), confirming the selling pressure. 

Also, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicator confirms the sideways trend and displays a value of 48.9. 

If the sellers mount pressure, the RSI will drop into the oversold region below 30. In addition, the Moving Average Convergence/Divergence is dropping and might soon fall below its signal line

Furthermore, the fading green histogram bars suggest a decline in buy momentum, hinting at a further decline in the asset. Based on its past price action, SHIA will likely retrace to the $0.10 support before entering a recovery phase

Ultimately, it will rally again in a few weeks, although its short-term price outlook is bearish. 

Shiba Saga (SHIA) Price Prediction 2023 – 2030

2023 Shiba Saga Price Prediction

Although Shiba Saga launched in the meme coin season, its price still reflects the overall bearish sentiment in the crypto market.

Nonetheless, its exciting features, such as staking, play-to-earn, and the Metaverse, promise to generate enough attention to soar the price to greater heights. 

Further, Shiba Saga has an active and growing community just a few weeks after its launch, with over 21,000 Twitter followers. In addition, SHIA could leverage its correlation with other Dog-themed meme tokens like DogeCoin and Shiba Inu to scale its price.

Notably, meme coins have dominated the crypto market in 2023. Popular memecoin PEPE raced to a $1.6 billion market cap just three weeks after launching. 

Given its potential utility, Shiba Sage has the potential to be the next crypto success in 2023. Due to volatility, it might record a low of $0.2 in 2023 and a high of $0.5. 

Shiba Saga Price Prediction 2023 - 2030

Shiba Saga (SHIA) Price Prediction 2024

In 2024, Shiba Saga will continue its development and expansion drive. It could list on more crypto exchanges by the end of 2023, giving it more exposure. 

Presently, users can purchase SHIA tokens on Uniswap DEX. However, listing on other global crypto exchanges will likely boost SHIA’s price performance. In 2024, Shiba Saga developers plan to release Shiba Crush, an online gaming portal.

Shiba Crush will enable token holders to participate in games and online challenges. 

Additionally, all the games launched within the ecosystem will leverage SHIA tokens, thus boosting its value. Investors will likely choose to buy and hold the tokens since they will be used for gaming, thus increasing scarcity. 

Furthermore, 2024 is the year of Bitcoin Halving, historically leading to a bull run for cryptocurrencies. If these favorable conditions occur, SHIA will trade at a high of $1 with $0.5, its possible low price target.

Shiba Saga Price Prediction 2025

In 2025, Shiba Inu could gain more ground and popularity based on its utility since gamers have strong communities. Also, its play-and-earn ecosystem will be fully functional, although its price performance largely relies on the ecosystem tokenomics. 

Interestingly, SHIA has a limited supply of 2 billion tokens, less than most meme coin projects. Also, the ecosystem relies on a buyback and burn mechanism to fuel scarcity and boost its price. 

Additionally, as the ecosystem grows and more games are released, it will boost the value of SHIA. Based on this forecast, SHIA will trade at a potential high of $2 and a possible low of $1.

Shiba Saga Price Prediction 2030

Approximately seven years from now, in 2030, cryptocurrencies will soar in popularity and utility. Also, social media growth metrics will still be highly influential for any crypto token.

Shiba Saga’s Telegram channel already has over 15,000 members, which will increase in the subsequent years. 

Furthermore, the revenue-earning framework will attract more users, especially those passionate about gaming. Also, the NFTs and the Shiba Saga Metaverse (Shiaverse) will launch before 2030, adding value to the ecosystem.

Additionally, Bitcoin will undergo another halving in 2028, leading to a bull run that will boost crypto prices. Based on these developments, SHIA’s price will touch a high of $5 by 2030.

An increase to $5 represents a spike of over 2000% in its value. Also, if a bear market occurs, SHIA will trade at a low of $2.5.

Possible Lows and Highs For Shiba Saga’s Price 

SHIA’s price possible highs and lows from 2023-2030 are listed in the table below. However, investors should note that these values may vary based on market volatility. 

Year  Possible Low  Possible High
2023  $0.2 $0.5 
2024  $0.5 $1
2025  $1 $2
2030 $2.5  $5

What Is Shiba Saga (SHIA)?

Shiba Saga is a utility meme coin that offers users a collection of games (Saga) that rely on its token, $SHIA.The games in its ecosystem are rebranded based on popular games such as Subway Surfers, Fruit Slash, and Tetris. 

What Is Shiba Saga and What Are Its Features

Also, it aims to create an on-chain system for sharing and upgrading characters and NFTs used in gameplay. Notably, the games in the ecosystem are played and earned and open to the general public.

Also, after the gaming platform launches, the focus will shift to the Shiaverse, the in-game Metaverse. Furthermore, users can interact in the social hub and participate in GameFi activities

Features of Shiba Saga

Here are the top features of Shiba Saga that will likely attract more investors to the ecosystem. 

1. SHIA Buyback and Burn Mechanism 

According to the Shiba Saga developers, there is a buyback and burn mechanism to reduce the total supply. Therefore, a portion of the income is generated from non-crypto users through advertising and in-app purchases. 

This income will be used to buy back $SHIA tokens and keep the price competitive. Also, the circulating supply will reduce when more tokens are burnt, leading to a price surge. 

To achieve this goal of price control, the developers stated that they would not advertise the games as crypto gamesAccording to the developers, the advertisements are targeted to attract crypto and non-crypto users. 

2. Staking Rewards 

Also, Shiba Saga supports staking, where users can lock their tokens for additional rewards. Staking adds value to the ecosystem and prevents the dumping of tokens

Additionally, staking rewards include SHIA tokens and exclusive in-game collectibles. Moreover, staking gives token holders governance rights within the ecosystem. 

Meanwhile, users with more staked tokens wield higher voting power within the ecosystem

3. Exciting Roadmap

Shiba Saga has a well–detailed roadmap with the early phases already completed. The Q3,2023 phase covers the SHIA token launch, listing on exchanges, and the Shiba Crush release.

Next, in Q4 2023, the focus will shift to the Shiba Crush Play and Earn update and the Game 2 (TBA) release and P2E update. In Q1 2024, Game 3 (TBA) will be released with the P2E update.

Also, the Shiaverse and Marketplace beta versions will be released

Factors Affecting Shiba Saga’s (SHIA) Price Action 

SHIA’s Migration to Uniswap Version 3, Likely To Boost Price 

Several factors combined could influence SHIA’s short- and long-term price. One such is migration to Uniswap Version 3 earlier in September. On September 6, Shiba Saga announced the migration of $SHIA tokens to Uniswap version 3.

Factors Affecting Shiba Saga Price Action 

According to the developers, it now has a thinner liquidity pool for constant growth and improved scalability. Also, adequate liquidity is available for new CEX listings and capital efficiency to increase community giveaways

Although these improvements did not have an instant effect, they will likely improve SHIA’s price in the coming months. 

Furthermore, limited trading volume can challenge SHIA’s price growth. However, the developers have expressed their desire to list SHIA on new crypto exchanges in Q3, 2023. 

These new listings will likely boost the token’s value based on a surge in its trading volume. 

Moreover, staking will preserve long-term value and protect the crypto market from high levels of volatility. SHIA will enjoy increased adoption based on the governance rights conferred on users who stake their tokens.  

Is Shiba Saga (SHIA) a Good Buy?

There are no guarantees in the crypto market due to volatility, most especially for meme coins. However, considering its utility, Shiba Saga looks primed to be a crypto moonshot that will outlast its competitors

Its wide range of popular games, such as Temple Run and Candy Crush, will attract crypto and non-crypto gamers. Moreover, the NFTs, the VR Metaverse, and in-game collectibles will drive more users to adopt Shiba Saga. 

Although its price has declined, it likely gives investors the best chance to accumulate the tokens ahead of a potential surge. Also, staking is a potential hedge against inflation and a source of income for users who commit their tokens. 

Ultimately, the decision to invest or not depends on investor sentiment. Finally, proper research and risk assessment is advised when investing in cryptocurrencies


Shiba Saga’s early rally after its August 22 launch created massive interest in the token from the crypto community. Based on its utility, such as staking and NFTs, it looks primed for success in the meme coin ecosystem in the coming years. 

Also, Shiba Saga has a burn and buyback mechanism to control its circulating supply and boost its price. Furthermore, its long-term forecast shows a positive outlook for the coin based on its ecosystem developments. 

Meanwhile, investors can diversify their holdings to accumulate Bitcoin BSC, another eco-friendly cryptocurrency. Nevertheless, risk management and proper research are vital before making any investment. 


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