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Today, we share our Shiba Shootout ($SHIBASHOOT) price prediction for 2024 and beyond. The token is freshly out on presale and has already surpassed the $550K milestone, thanks to serious utility and meme appeal.  

Dogecoin ($DOGE) clones have flooded the meme coin market, so finding a worthy Shiba Inu-themed coin isn’t easy. However, $SHIBASHOOT stands out in its focus on community incentives

Our analysis suggests $SHIBASHOOT has the potential to reach $0.078 by year-end, bringing over 300% returns for early investors. But remember, this is just a prediction, and the crypto market is inherently unpredictable. 

Now, let’s explore the factors influencing the $SHIBASHOOT price.

$SHIBASHOOT Price Prediction – Key Takeaways

  • End of 2024: An engaged community and a focus on utility could help $SHIBASHOOT reach $0.078 post-listing, generating 300% gains for early investors.
  • End of 2025: The Shiba Shooter Play-to-Earn (P2E) game release and top exchange listings may drive $SHIBASHOOT’s price to $0.25. 
  • End of 2030: $SHIBASHOOT’s focus on continuous development and community building suggests long-term growth potential, but broader market conditions also come into play. We expect it to cost between $0.07 and $0.61. 

Shiba Shootout ($SHIBASHOOT) Price Prediction – At A Glance

Here are the potential highs and lows of $SHIBASHOOT’s price between 2024 and 2030.

Year Forecast Low ($) Forecast High  ($)
2024 0.03 0.078
2025 0.094 0.25
2030 0.07 0.61


Shiba Shootout is a new Shiba Inu-themed ERC-20 meme coin with a Western flair.

The $SHIBASHOOT whitepaper tells a tale set in a dusty saloon, where a mysterious and fearless Marshall Shiba, with his comrades, aims to conquer the wild frontiers of the crypto market.

Shiba Shootout whitepaper

However, instead of relying solely on the Doge reference and entertaining backstory, Marshall Shiba offers numerous community incentives:

  • Posse Rewards: Earn token rewards for inviting your friends to join the $SHIBASHOOT
  • Campfire Stories: Share your crypto-related experiences in a laid-back atmosphere for a chance to win token rewards. 
  • Token Governance Roundups: Vote on key project decisions to ensure the development aligns with your vision. 
  • Lucky Lasso Lotteries: Purchase lottery tickets to win big crypto prizes. As a bonus, part of each lottery’s proceeds will go toward charitable causes. 
  • Savings Saddlebags: Allocate a percentage of your tokens to a dedicated wallet to earn extra token rewards. Think of it as a flexible savings account where you can choose the deposit’s amount and term. 
  • Cactus Staking: Lock up your $SHIBASHOOT for a pre-set period to generate passive returns. 

The current staking APY is 1,913%, and investors have staked over 17M tokens to date. However, the reward rate will decrease as the staking pool grows, so early supporters are up for the largest returns. 

Beyond immediate incentives, $SHIBASHOOT’s strategic vision includes developing a Shiba Shooter game. We may see a Web2 version in Q3 2024 and a full P2E game release in Q1 2025.

A Solidproof audit and a Coinsult KYC highlight $SHIBASHOOT’s commitment to transparency and investor trust. Early identification of smart contract vulnerabilities and compliance with crypto regulations increase $SHIBASHOOT’s chances of securing major CEX listings. 

Currently, $SHIBASHOOT costs $0.0195 on presale. The price will increase incrementally as the project progresses towards new milestones. 

$SHIBASHOOT Tokenomics and Roadmap 

$SHIBASHOOT has a total supply of 2.2T tokens.

Allocation Tokens
Presale 35% (770B)
Staking rewards 20% (440B)
Liquidity pool  10% (220B)
Marketing  20% (440B)
Project funds 10% (220B)
Community rewards 5% (110B)

Like every new crypto project, $SHIBASHOOT’s success hinges on adoption and investor sentiment. For this reason, the project allocated 20% of the total token supply to marketing and another 25% to community incentives. 

A substantial proportion of the tokens is allocated to exchange liquidity for smooth trading. This, coupled with staking rewards that reduce immediate selling pressure, creates a strong foundation for $SHIBASHOOT’s first listings.

Lastly, 10% is reserved for the project’s development. Given $SHIBASHOOT’s focus on utility, we may see more rewards and use cases down the road. 

The $SHIBASHOOT roadmap has three phases.

Phase 1Phase 2Phase 3

  • Presale 
  • Marketing campaign launch to get $SHIBASHOOT trending on X
  • 1K+ token holders
  • CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap listings
  • Web2 Shiba Shooter game release

  • Community partnerships 
  • Shiba Shootout digital newsletter 
  • Gated Discord group for token holders 
  • CEX listings after reaching 10K+ token holders

  • $SHOOTOUT merch 
  • $SHOOTOUT Academy 
  • $SHOOTOUT Tools
  • Tier-1 exchange listings after reaching 100K+ token holders 
  • P2E Shiba Shooter game release 

$SHIBASHOOT’s roadmap is a marathon, not a sprint. It highlights the project’s goal to stay relevant in the long run instead of generating buzz and disappearing like some meme coins.

Follow $SHIBASHOOT’s X and Telegram channels for updates on the roadmap. 

$SHIBASHOOT Price Prediction 2024

$SHIBASHOOT is currently selling at $0.0195 on presale. The price will increase gradually until the presale ends.

Positive community sentiment is evident, with over $550K raised in a few months. However, $SHIBASHOOT’s momentum isn’t as explosive as $PLAY’s, which raised $2.5M in a week. 

A slow presale might attract more engaged investors who genuinely trust in the project and thus are more likely to HODL, contributing to $SHIBASHOOT’s stability post-listing. Furthermore, a slower presale gives the project team more time for development

Applications for crypto aggregator listings, planned for Phase 1 of the roadmap, should expand $SHIBASHOOT’s reach and speed up the fundraising.

Moreover, we expect to see the Shiba Shooter game’s beta in the upcoming months. If the community receives the game well, $SHIBASHOOT may list on DEXs at a minimum of $0.03, a 50% increase from the current price.

By the end of the year, $SHIBASHOOT aims to reach 10k token holders and secure the first CEX listings. This would further boost the token’s value, potentially bringing it to $0.078 and generating 300% gains for early supporters

$SHIBASHOOT Price Prediction 2025

Next year could be a pivotal point for the crypto market. Nearly half of the world, including the US, France, and Taiwan, will have presidential elections in 2024. The results of these elections could affect existing crypto regulations, either promoting crypto adoption or stifling trading and innovation

Furthermore, State Street’s head of investment strategy predicts 2025 will be stormy for the US economy if rates stay high. Numerous financial analysts express similar opinions, noting the country’s GDP will weaken unless the FED cuts interest rates. 

Tightening regulations and an economic downturn could cause a broader bear market, driving crypto prices down. However, individual projects may still do well due to an engaged community and strong utility.

$SHIBASHOOT plans to secure tier-1 exchange listings, such as Binance and Coinbase, in Q1 2025. Typically, major listings boost a token’s price because of increased credibility and accessibility. The Shiba Shooter P2E game release should act as another catalyst for $SHIBASHOOT’s growth.

In the worst-case scenario, $SHIBASHOOT may only see a modest bump of 20% from the end of 2024, reaching $0.094. A decline is unlikely after such significant developments, but the bearish trend could dampen their positive effect. 

However, if the broader economic and political conditions are favorable, $SHIBASHOOT may reach $0.25 by the end of 2025, translating into a 1,182% gain for investors who bought it on presale. 

$SHIBASHOOT Price Prediction 2030

Few Doge-themed meme coins withstood the test of time. Even firstcomers like $DOGE and Shiba Inu experienced drastic drops from their all-time highs only a few years from listing. The reason is simple: most meme coins have no utility and rely solely on hype. 

Luckily for $SHIBASHOOT, it’s built to last, focusing on continuous community building and development.

If the Shiba Shooter game attracts a large enough player base, $SHIBASHOOT may reach $0.61 by 2030, bringing early adopters over 3,000% returns. Such late yet explosive growth is uncommon with GameFi tokens because their value grows proportionally to in-game demand.

On the other hand, if the project’s development stops, $SHIBASHOOT may hover around $0.07.

Factors Affecting $SHIBASHOOT Price

Now, let’s explore the factors that may impact the price of $SHIBASHOOT. 


A successful presale indicates investor confidence in the project and creates FOMO, potentially increasing the token’s price after listing. 

$SHIBASHOOT raised over $550K in a few months, which is a solid pace. An overly fast presale that generates excessive hype often leads to rapid sell-offs after listing, whereas a slower presale attracts investors genuinely believing in the project’s long-term potential.

Community sentiment

$SHIBASHOOT aims to cultivate a large, loyal community with lotteries, referral bonuses, and staking rewards. The project’s long-term success will hinge on consistently meeting expectations and keeping token holders engaged. 

Tokenomics and vesting schedule

Strategic token allocation and utility can mitigate immediate selling pressure and incentivize long-term holding. Additionally, a controlled token release schedule (vesting) prevents price crashes by ensuring they enter the market gradually. 

External factors

$SHIBASHOOT isn’t immune to the winds of change. Economic ups and downs, new regulations, tech advancements, and major shifts in the broader crypto landscape can sway its price.

Project development

Catalysts like new features, incentive programs, and exchange listings may fuel $SHIBASHOOT’s price growth. On the other hand, a lack of communication and project updates can erode trust and negatively impact the price.

How to Buy $SHIBASHOOT Tokens

Here’s an overview of how to buy $SHIBASHOOT on presale. For more information, read our step-by-step guide

Step 1: Get a Crypto Wallet 

To get started, you’ll need a crypto wallet. Many options are available, including Coinbase Wallet and Trust Wallet, which are free. Setting one up generally takes less than 10 minutes.

How to download Trust Wallet 

Step 2: Add Tokens to Your Wallet 

Buy $ETH, $BNB, or $USDT tokens through a crypto exchange and add them to your wallet. 

Step 3: Connect Your Wallet 

Visit the official Shiba Shootout presale website and click ‘Connect Wallet.’ 

How to buy Shiba Shootout on presale


Select your preferred network (Ethereum or BNB Chain), enter the number of tokens you want to exchange for $SHIBASHOOT, click ‘Buy Now,’ and confirm the transaction.

How to buy Shiba Shootout

How We Predict Crypto Prices

Crypto price predictions aren’t just guesswork; we have a specific process for accurate and unbiased forecasts. Here are the key factors we consider.  

Community sentiment

We assess the project’s reach and level of investor excitement. Projects with large, engaged communities are more likely to maintain their value even if they have no serious utility – take $DOGE, for example. 

Team background

Transparency builds trust, making the project more appealing to risk-averse investors. It’s worth noting that anonymous crypto developers are common and shouldn’t be the sole dealbreaker when considering investing in a project. 

Price patterns

Techniques like moving averages help accurately predict the prices of established tokens. However, we explore patterns of similar coins for new tokens with no price history.

External factors

Crypto prices are inherently volatile and susceptible to factors beyond the project team’s control, such as the Bitcoin halving, Roaring Kitty’s return to X, or Ethereum ETF approval.  


Token vesting and allocation determine the supply and demand dynamics. For instance, a large team allocation can increase selling pressure while focusing on community incentives fosters a sense of shared ownership and potentially reduces volatility.

Exchange listings

Listings on tier-1 exchanges like Coinbase and Binance increase token accessibility and liquidity, potentially driving the price up. Additionally, they boost the project’s credibility and thus attract new investors.

Is $SHIBASHOOT the Next $Doge?

The $SHIBASHOOT presale is gaining momentum, surpassing the $550K milestone in a few months. Focus on community incentives and utility positions $SHIBASHOOT for long-term success.

Our analysis suggests that $SHIBASHOOT has the potential to bring over 300% gains to early supporters, reaching $0.078 by the end of 2024. 

However, remember that no gains are guaranteed in the crypto market. Always DYOR, and never invest more than you’re prepared to lose. 


Is $SHIBASHOOT a good buy?

How do I buy $SHIBASHOOT?

How much will $SHIBASHOOT cost after listing?


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