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Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

A quick question – what better way to make money than by trading it? The answer is clear-cut, but the major stumbling block for most in their journey to cryptocurrency riches is the difficulty of trading cryptocurrencies. Crypto trading is fraught with many technicalities that could run your portfolio ragged if you do not take proper care. In addition, determining which coins to invest in, when to buy, and the right moment to exit is crucial to the profitability or otherwise of your trading ventures. If only there was a way for you to know all of this without going through all the hassle. Turns out there is. What you need is a crypto signal. 

What Are Crypto Signals? 

Crypto signals are exactly as advertised. They happen to be the ready-made work for a trade done by a skilled trader for others to use as well. The information in crypto signals is usually inferred through a cocktail of fundamental and technical analysis indicators and techniques. From these indicators, the analyst can use existing price data and currency information to take a punt on where next the price is heading. The information could further be narrowed down to predictions over where the price movement will start and where it ends, birthing the information in the signal itself. The analysis and data available in a signal may vary based on the kind of trading and the trade duration. However, the most common features of signals include; 

  • Entry Price: The entry price is usually indicated by a range rather than a specific price point. Eponymously, this range of prices shows when the trader should enter or commence with the trade.  
  • Asset Tag: This is a given in every crypto signal. It is the name of the asset that the signal is for, and it is important so you do not use the signal for the wrong asset. 
  • Target Price: This could come as a specific price or a range of prices. There could also be more than one target price range, usually as short-term, mid-term, and long-term prices. It is perhaps the most important of the lot as it tells when to exit the trade and take your profits. 
  • Stop-Loss: A bit of a spoiler alert is that crypto signals are not exactly foolproof. Crypto markets can be wild, and it is not the case that the analyst is a wizard that has gone into the future to see how the market will look. Knowing how volatile and unpredictable the crypto market can be, the best crypto trading signals always include a stop-loss. This is the price where it can be reasonably concluded that the signal has gone wrong, and you should cut your losses. 

Best Crypto Signals 

Now that we have run through the basic ideations of crypto signals, the next item on the agenda is identifying all the right crypto signal services for you to rake in your profits. While many free and paid channels already guarantee a consistent stream of signal services, some stand head and shoulders above others based on profitability and quality of service. These form the ranks of the selection of the best crypto signals. 

Crypto Signals.Org 


This is, perhaps, the best and one of the oldest free crypto signal services out there, going as far back as 2014. It is a popular Telegram-based channel that focuses on Bitcoin and some major altcoins, such as XRP and Ethereum, with a reported success rate of over 80%. It offers a free channel where you can enjoy a few free calls weekly, with a paid monthly or annual subscription granting full benefit access to the VIP channel. 



Another telegram channel that offers profitable crypto trading signals is Learn2Trade. Boasting a community of over 10,000 traders, this channel is managed and steered by a team of analysts with over a decade of experience in trading. The service runs a free channel that offers 3 signals weekly, with the VIP channel coming with 3-5 signals daily. The crypto trading signals have a reported success rate of over 75%, with the channel also making trading courses, events, and news updates available on a consistent basis. The premium channel can be accessed by a £35 monthly subscription or a £250 lifetime subscription.  




Founded as far back as 2007, eToro is an Israeli financial and copy trading platform that embodies the very concept of social trading. It is a community of over 25 million participants that is in the good books of major regulators in several countries, has a strong presence on social media, and a state-of-the-art trading platform. It deals in multiple assets such as XLM, TRX, and BTC, along with other financial offerings such as stocks and CFDs. While their leveraged and short positions may carry commission charges, most other kinds of trading positions do not. It offers an array of benefits for free, with the areas that come with charges clearly explained in their fees PDF.




As the name suggests, this is the paradise of a crypto trader. It is an exclusive community that was started by four retired hedge fund traders and now houses the most elite crypto traders. As you might expect, this service is rather costly, going for about $1000 monthly for VIP access. However, reviews from this community make a case for the value of that price. The service also has the option for you to obtain free access where you can get limited by nonetheless effective tips and calls. The VIP service not only comes with one-on-one mentorship and guidance, but also calculated signals that boast a reported 96% accuracy. 



Zignaly is a signal service that is renowned for the high-quality services it offers at little to no cost. It has over $5.6 billion in trading volume accrued from a community of 430,000 users, making it a force to reckon with in the crypto trading signal ecosystem. It connects users to the most profitable traders on the platforms, allowing copy trading and profit sharing. Even more interesting is the profit-sharing service that allows you to invest in other traders’ trades, a feature that does not require you to pay anything except for a commission on the profit you make. 

WOLFX Signals 

WolfX Signals

WOLFX is a relatively young but booming crypto signal service that is reputed to have a community of over 60,000 customers. The Telegram channel offers about 4 free signals weekly with a reported 90% accuracy, making it one of the best free crypto signal services out there. The VIP signal channel promises 2 to 5 high-quality signals a day with other benefits such as forex signals and risk management advice for $89 monthly. 

Trading by CF 

This is a Telegram channel based predominantly on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash futures trading signals. However, the service also covers occasional forex, crypto spot, and altcoin signals as well. It has a free channel where participants enjoy a few free calls a day, but the paid group has all the full benefits in exchange for a one-time payment. This channel has a reported success rate of over 90%, offers bot trading services to VIP subscribers, and can be easily found with a Telegram search, making it one of the best free crypto trading signals. 


From the lineup in front of you, there is something in place irrespective of your level of expertise, budget, and choice of cryptocurrencies. It is worth remembering yet again that even the best crypto trading signals may not be 100% accurate, so it is best for you to observe due diligence in selecting a suitable signal service and selecting what signals to follow. 




Will Macmaster Editor

Will Macmaster Editor

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