The Significance of Data Privacy and Security for Your Business

Because of the increasing dependency on technology in the modern digital world, the importance of data security can’t be understated.

As companies rely more on the cloud and internet to conduct business, your privacy becomes more valuable. Conducting business online means that your data is often vulnerable, and it is crucial for businesses to maintain their privacy.

A breach in data can cost a company both money and reputation. In order to run a successful modern business, you must understand the importance of data security.

Why is data so valuable?

As a business, data security is vital because it is a representation of trust from your customers.

Because so much of today’s business is conducted online, customers have to trust businesses with both their money and data. This data can include search history, login details, and many more sensitive pieces of information. It is essential as a business that you can maintain the privacy of both your and your customers’ data.

Breaches can cause not only a loss in profit but also a loss in consumer trust. Without the trust of your customer base, it is impossible to maintain a successful business model. Because of the private nature of the data at risk, all business owners need to keep their data security up to date.

What is data security?

Data security is the active practice of protecting and maintaining the privacy of any sensitive data in your possession.

As the world becomes more and more online, it becomes crucial to understand the importance of data security. Not only is data security important for customer reputation, but it is also a requirement of the law.

There are certain conditions of data security that are enforced both nationally and globally by governments. These regulations are in place to guarantee that there is a level of confidentiality when handling data transmissions.

Without proper regulations, personal data can easily be leaked and abused. There are also rules in place addressing the rights of businesses to protect their client’s information. Because of these regulations, customers know that they can conduct online business without fear of their private information leaking.

Data security is important not only for reputation amongst customers but also for maintaining a legal business operation.

It’s time to embrace proactive data security.

One of the main issues businesses run into with data security is that actions taken are often reactive.

This means that oftentimes corrective action is taken after a data breach has already occurred. While reactive solutions are helpful, it is much more beneficial to be proactive in your data security.

Update your software routinely.

One of the easiest ways to be proactive in your data security is to check frequently for software updates.

Virus and decryption software is evolving constantly, so it is crucial to keep your software fully up to date.

Use multi-factor authentication.

One of the more recent innovations for data privacy is multi-factor authentication systems.

These systems require a second device upon login to verify authenticity. By implementing these systems into your business you can help protect sensitive login information.

Restrict access to private data.

It is important to practice data security internally as well as externally.

Not every member of your team needs access to every piece of information. Be cautious when handling or sharing private data. It only takes one disgruntled employee to cause a lot of problems.

For more on proactive data security, check out this article by Brad Anderson.

Creating a culture of privacy.

One of the most important aspects of ensuring data security is establishing a culture of privacy and accountability in your business.

In the same way that you proactively update your software, you also need to proactively prepare your team. Be sure to share all of the information you learn about data security with your team around you.

Every member of your staff should be knowledgeable about data security and should know how to protect their own personal information. This article explains more in-depth how to keep your team educated on data security.

Some companies have even gone as far as implementing sweeping policies to ensure data privacy.

The cloud storage service  SpiderOak has a “Zero-Knowledge Environment.” This essentially means that customers receive complete confidentiality of their data, even from employees. SpiderOak provides the server, but all of the sensitive data remains on the user’s side. Implementing this policy has not only helped to build SpiderOak’s reputation as a secure cloud service, but it has also helped further develop their trust with their clients.

This type of “Zero-Knowledge Environment” may not work for all businesses, but it does demonstrate the value of data security.


Understanding the importance of data security is vital for any successful business in today’s world.

As commerce occurs online more and more, data privacy is an essential element for trust with customers. By taking proactive measures against data breaches and abuse of information, businesses can ensure they don’t incur losses due to data security.

Remember, it is always better to have too much security as opposed to too little.

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