The Most Innovative Wearable Technology We Could Find

Technology is becoming more advanced and convenient with every passing year. Customers can access technology in a way that’s quicker and easier than ever before. Devices such as fitness bracelets and smartwatches can be found in abundance, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Wearable devices are now a technological mainstay in our society. If you’re wondering what innovative wearable technology you should check out, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our list of the most innovative wearable technology we could find.

Smart Glasses

Perhaps one of the most anticipated wearable technology developments, smart glasses are on the near horizon.

It’s likely that you have seen a science fiction film growing up where the character puts on a set of glasses that allow him to see the digital world around them. While many of cinema’s predictions for our future have been completely inaccurate, this one seems likely to happen.

With a built-in smart chip, smart glasses will allow the wearer to process and analyze data in real-time. The glasses will then display information in a place where only the wearer can see it. The smart glasses also offer Bluetooth compatibility, GPS navigation, phone and text messaging, and more.

There are obvious concerns about maintaining data security but, as with any smart device, you can take steps to protect your information. The convenience and futuristic nature of smart glasses make them a great example of innovative wearable technology.


One of the latest and most unnoticed tech innovations is that of biosensors.

Primarily used for fitness and health maintenance, biosensors are small pieces of wearable technology that monitor your health and vitals. These small sensors monitor, collect, and analyze data from your health and personal devices.

These sensors could eventually be huge assets in saving lives and maintaining health. The continuous monitoring of vitals will enable you to quickly react to a health emergency, and can even alert someone in the case of a fall.

While the current reality of biosensors is impressive, the future of what else this technology can do is still largely untapped. The potential of these biosensors is limitless. Because of their infinite potential, these biosensors are an innovative example of wearable technology.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch

Apple Watch

A perpetual mainstay on innovative technology lists, the Apple Watch is one of the company’s latest innovations. Nobody should be surprised to see the wearable technology on this list.

The watch can monitor vitals, play music, connect via Bluetooth, search the internet, and more. And now, the new series 7 will feature a larger display, faster charging, and more durable materials.

The new Apple Watch is also promising a new range of health innovations. Whether you are looking to improve your health, or simply want a new watch, the Apple Watch is a top choice for wearable technology.

Oculus Quest

In the gaming world, virtual reality is the latest in a long line of innovations.

For those who aren’t, virtual reality is essentially the process of immersing yourself in a video game. The technology tracks movement and allows the wearer to actually move around in the world of the game. The world of VR gaming is rapidly growing, and the Oculus Quest seems to be the next step.

Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest

The Oculus Quest offers one major advantage over other VR systems. It does not require a separate PC system to operate.

By allowing the system to operate without a PC, VR gaming becomes cheaper and much easier to access. As the next step in the progression of gaming, the Oculus Quest is clearly a great piece of wearable technology.

Smart Rings

The final innovative piece of wearable technology we found, smart rings are one of the first types of smart jewelry.

Similar to smartwatches, the smart ring will continuously monitor user vitals like heart rate and blood flow. The device will then be able to provide feedback and advice for wearers. Furthermore, the device can even access your payment information and assist in transactions.

The major advantage that the smart rings provide is discretion. If you are someone who is constantly in groups or meetings, it can be a problem to have your device constantly going off with texts and notifications. The smart ring will simply vibrate on your finger to notify you of these alerts.

These smart rings are perfect for anyone who can’t always check their screen when they get a notification.

Final Words

For many of these selections, there are a wide array of options to choose from. As a result, do your own research and choose an option that works best for you.

It should also be noted that there are plenty of other innovative wearable technologies that did not make our list. While these other technologies have their own advantages, these are the best innovative wearable technologies that we could find.

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