Mobile Gaming: 4 Controllers to Step Up Your Game

Technological innovation is everywhere. Since the turn of the 21st century, we’ve seen massive technological improvements in almost every department. Cars run for longer and now offer Bluetooth accessibility. Your health can be monitored on an app. Why should it be any different for mobile gaming?

Modern smartphones contain more power than the computer that put humankind on the moon. While technology as a whole is progressing rapidly, no department has grown as quickly as the gaming industry. The consoles and games we see today are completely unrecognizable in comparison with the technology of just 20 years ago. With the improvements in technology, gaming is everywhere. Players can game in virtual reality, on their PC or console, and can even game while mobile.

Mobile gaming in particular is seeing a massive spike in users.

Between handheld devices and phone games, it has never been easier to play on the move. While you may enjoy gaming on your phone, it can be somewhat of a challenge to play using a touchscreen. It can be difficult to compete online with the limitations of a phone screen. If this is the case for you, it may be time to step up your game with a new controller. In this article, we take a look at some of the top controllers for mobile gaming.

New and Improved: The SteelSeries Stratus+

Our first entry on our list of top mobile gaming controllers is the SteelSeries Stratus+. The new and improved version of the Stratus Duo is a great budget option to maximize your mobile experience.

The Stratus+ incorporates the size/shape of the Xbox controller and the symmetrical joysticks of the PlayStation controller into one. The controller features a phone mount to help you play games comfortably from anywhere.

The controller connects to your phone through Bluetooth pairing and offers a massive improvement to battery life. One 15-minute charging session will get you 12 hours of gaming functionality and a fully charged battery can last up to 90 hours. Between the sleek, functional design and huge battery life, the Stratus+ is great budget option for mobile gaming.

Backbone One Controller

Next up on our list is the Backbone One mobile controller. With the Backbone One, users can turn their phone into a Nintendo Switch-like portable console.

Users slide their iPhone into the center and control action using buttons and joysticks off to the side. Controller users will get the aesthetic of the Switch controller with the improved screen display of their iPhone. The controller features a lightning port to connect with your phone that provides better connection than Bluetooth connection. It also features a headset jack plus a port that allows you to charge the controller while in use.

One other advantage of the Backbone One is that users will get one free month of Xbox Game Pass. This grants the user access to hundreds of new and popular games for download or cloud play.

The only drawback of the Backbone One is that it pairs exclusively with iPhone models. However, if you are an iPhone gamer this may be the perfect choice to step up your mobile gaming.

Gamesir X2 Controller

On the other hand, the Gamesir X2 is one of the best controllers available for Android users.

Similar to the Backbone One, the controller connects via a USB-C cable allowing users to operate on a faster connection than Bluetooth. The controller features rubber grips for improved handling and buttons with a three-million press lifespan.

Users slot their phone into the center and get access to a couple joysticks on the sides. When assembled, the device has a similar layout to the Nintendo Switch but offers access to every game on the Android market. With the ability to connect to even the largest Android models, the Gamesir X2 is a great option for mobile Android gamers.

8bitDo Pro2 Controller

Our final entry is a top option for both iPhone and Android users alike. It’s the 8bitDo Pro2.

The controller features a nostalgic/retro style to it. The shape is somewhat similar to that of the classic SNES controller, and the buttons look like the original PlayStation controller. The device has textured grips along either side to help with handling and ensure you don’t lose your cool mid-game.

While the appearance is sure to draw up memories for classic gamers, the controller offers much more than just nostalgic looks. The controller comes with a 20-hour battery life and Bluetooth connectivity.

Furthermore, the controller has a wide array of functions and options so you can optimize your experience. Users can adjust controller vibration, controller dead zones, and much more. Users can even remap their controller buttons to maximize their in game experience. While perhaps best used for mobile gamers, the 8bitDo Pro2 can also connect to consoles or PCs. The 8bitDo Pro2 is one of the most versatile mobile controllers on the market today. And as such, it is one of our top options to help step up your mobile gaming.

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