Sumo's Omni bean bag chair

Hipster nostalgia

YEARS AGO, I HAD a brief but torrid affair with a friend's bean bag chair. We were living in residence at university, and the admittedly cheap bean bag was an oasis of comfort in a dormitory filled with furniture seemingly designed primarily to thwart theft and discourage fornication. I spent hours in that chair studying, napping, and more often drifting between the two. But the term soon ended, and the bean bag and I went our separate ways.

Ever since, I've toyed with the idea of getting another bean bag chair, but have generally been unimpressed with the poor quality of what's been available. I have real furniture now, too, so my expectations have been raised. It's with those raised expectations that I've tackled Sumo's Omni, a new age bean bag being marketed to urban hipsters and gamers alike. We don't usually talk furniture here at TR, but the Omni's an interesting product. Also, I've been spending an increasing amount of my gaming time slouched on my couch in front of an Xbox, so I couldn't resist taking the Sumo for a spin.

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