Core 2 chipsets compared

New hotness versus old repurposed

INTEL'S CORE 2 DUO PROCESSOR has the chip giant enjoying a renaissance of sorts among enthusiasts. For the first time in recent memory, Intel has a processor lineup with better performance, lower power consumption, and even more attractive prices than AMD's finest. Some fanboys still stubbornly cling to their favorite underdog, but most enthusiasts have seen the light and are looking at Core 2 for their next upgrade or system build.

The prospect of a Core 2 system build can seem a bit daunting for enthusiasts who have spent years focused solely on the Athlon 64. Core 2 processors need new motherboards for those switching from the Athlon 64, and that requires navigating a whole new world of core logic chipsets. Since the Core 2 processor relies on the chipset for its memory controller, one's chipset choice can also have a much more profound impact on performance.

To guide you through the brave new world of Core 2 chipsets, we've rounded up the latest core logic that Intel and Nvidia have to offer. Read on to see which should be at the heart of your next Core 2 system.

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