A look at Asus' Vista Edition motherboard features

More than just a fancy name
— 12:00 AM on February 9, 2007

WINDOWS VISTA IS upon us, and hardware vendors are already taking advantage of the buzz surrounding Microsoft's latest operating system. There's no shortage of products claiming to be "Built for Vista," "Ready for Vista," or "Vista-Ready," but in most cases those labels denote little more than driver availability and support for core Vista features and functionality. Asus' new "Vista Edition" motherboards are different, though.

Rather than simply bringing its motherboards up to code for Vista certification and bundling a few extra drivers, Asus has gone out of its way to exploit some of the operating system's more exotic capabilities. Vista Edition boards brim with buzzwords, packing auxiliary SideShow displays, Media Center-friendly remotes, onboard flash memory for ReadyBoost, and even support for the Trusted Platform Modules necessary for BitLocker encryption. Join us as we explore each of these intriguing extras and the underlying Vista functionality behind them.

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