Seven GeForce 8800 series graphics cards compared

Different takes on the G80 reference designs
— 12:00 AM on February 16, 2007

NVIDIA'S GEFORCE 8800 SERIES is a jaw-dropping marriage of performance and image quality that has raised the bar for PC graphics substantially. Not since ATI's Radeon 9700 Pro have we been so impressed by a single graphics card. The G80 GPU is simply a marvel, and if you're looking to buy a high-end graphics card today, it's the only chip you want.

Of course, your quest for the best graphics card won't end there; you also have to choose between GTS and GTX flavors of the GeForce 8800. And you're still not done, because GeForce 8800 GTS and GTX cards are available from a wide variety of manufacturers, each of which tries to bring something unique to the table, be it through bundled extras, tweaked clock speeds, or exotic cooling.

As daunting as the selection of GeForce 8800 series graphics cards may be, choice is a good thing. To help you wade through the options, we've rounded up a collection of GeForce 8800 series cards from BFG Tech, EVGA, Foxconn, MSI, OCZ, PNY, and XFX to see how they stack up. Read on to see which cards rise to the top and which get lost in the reference card shuffle.

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