Abit's iDome DS500 and SW510 speakers

A mobo maker dabbles in digital audio

WHEN ABIT WAS ACQUIRED last year, the new owners pruned the company's product line to focus its attention squarely on motherboards. Graphics cards and other ancillary products were cut, but one plucky side project managed to survive. That side project spawned Abit's new iDome digital speakers and may inspire a revolution in PC audio.

That probably sounds a little melodramatic, but consider this. The iDomes were designed from the ground up with digital input in mind, and Abit has taken great care to ensure that they deliver every bit of the pristine quality of a digital bitstream to your ears. That bitstream—digital audio in its purest form—can be provided by fancy sound cards and "free" integrated motherboard audio alike, setting up the iDomes to challenge not only other speakers on the market, but the very need for a discrete sound card as well.

And so the stage is set. Can the iDomes, when paired with integrated motherboard audio, challenge the output quality of the best PC sound card on the market? Read on to find out.

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