GDC 2007

We search for hardware news amid the software guys

THIS MAY COME AS a shock, but the Game Developers Conference is still very much, well, a conference for game developers. The agenda is full of sessions on topics like game design, using Microsoft's XNA tools, and the immortal "PS3 Audio: More than Extra Channels." The attendees look and dress like game developers, which is to say that wearing slacks and a shirt with a collar on it to GDC is akin to wearing a giant, flashing orange sign that says, "I do not belong here." The last few days of GDC also include a more traditional trade show-style expo, complete with giant banners, booths, and even the occasional booth babe.

Since we irresponsibly skipped out on CES this year, I decided to attend the expo portion of GDC 2007 as part of my penance. So I packed my shirt and slacks and headed out to San Francisco to declare to all present that I was a first-time GDC attendee with absolutely no sense of how to dress. Fortunately, lots of folks on the expo floor seemed sympathetic, and were thus willing to talk at length with the guy with the funny clothes. What follows is my report from GDC, complete with what may be TR's first booth babe picture in, heck, five years.

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