AMD's Radeon HD 2900 XT graphics processor

R600 revealed

THOSE OF US WHO ARE into graphics processors sure have it easy these days. We're addicted to advances in technology, and we seem to get a hit every couple of months or so in the form of a new spin of a GPU or graphics card. What's more, graphics chip companies AMD and Nvidia cook up an entirely new form of drug with startling frequency. Less than two years since the debut of the Radeon X1000 series, the former ATI is now ready to release its new generation of technology, the Radeon HD family. What's more, we've been complaining because the thing is actually late. Nvidia's competing GeForce 8-series technology hit the market last November, and GPU-watchers have been waiting impatiently for the battle to be joined.

Who could blame us, really, for being impatient? The GeForce 8800 is a stunning achievement, and we're eager to see whether AMD can match it. You'll have to forgive the most eager among us, the hollow-eyed Radeon fanboys inhabiting the depths of our forums, wandering aimlessly while carrying their near-empty bottles of X1000-series eye candy and stopping periodically to endure an episode of the shakes. We've all heard the stories about AMD's new GPU, code-named R600, and wondered what manner of chip it might be. We've heard whispers of jaw-dropping potential, but—especially as the delays piled up—doubts crept in, as well.

Happily, R600 is at last ready to roll. The Radeon HD 2900 XT graphics card should hit the shelves of online stores today, and we have spent the past couple of weeks dissecting it. Has AMD managed to deliver the goods? Keep reading for our in-depth review of the Radeon HD 2900 XT.

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