TR's four-port KVM switch comparo

For when you have more PCs than desk space

So many of us PC enthusiast types use more than one computer on a regular basis. Some of you might have a server sitting in the corner, a game box sitting on your desk, or even a machine dedicated solely to email and web browsing. While running enough machines to heat your home is great—and really it is—there are practical problems with controlling several machines. In a perfect world, you'd have enough cash and desk space to fit a separate monitor, keyboard, and mouse for each machine. Even then, though, you still have to move around to the respective terminals to actually control your bevy of hardware.

To help ease your pain, we've rounded up a handful of four-port KVM switches for you. Each has been run through the gauntlet, scrutinized, compared, and otherwise abused to determine what's good, what's not, and what's best for your needs. Read on to see what we found out about these four-headed beasts.

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