Handspring's Visor Edge

The Palm OS gets slim—and sexy

SINCE ITS INCEPTION, Handspring has pushed the Palm platform's hardware into new territory. Handspring’s first models included USB syncing interfaces and Springboard expansion modules, which were followed up with later models integrating high-color-depth screens and beefier hardware. Two years after the first Visor’s release, however, the market looks a little different. Palm has since split its hardware and software business; Sony is charging into the market with numerous Clie models; and HandEra is lurking in niche markets. Handspring now faces much stiffer competition on the innovation front.

One of Handspring’s answers to this newly competitive PDA market is the Visor Edge, a slick, thin, Palm-based PDA that wouldn’t look out of place in an industrial art museum. It takes more than just a pretty face to win me over, though. Can the Edge pull off the same kind of innovative coup that the original Visor did at its release? Read on to find out.

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