OCZ's PC3000 memory

Seduce 195MHz out of your front-side bus

EVER START TALKING TO a really gorgeous girl, only to have her get less and less attractive the more she says? "Like, whatever!" It seems that, generally speaking, the better looking something is, the less substance there is behind that beauty. It's actually pretty depressing. However, there are a precious few whose beauty is equaled, and even surpassed, by their personalities.

OCZ's new DDR PC3000 memory is simply gorgeous. Its red PCB and matching heat spreader can turn even the most reserved geek's head.

So OCZ has nailed the looks, but does this fancy memory they have the personality to back it up? For PC hardware, a great personality manifests itself in stability and performance. It doesn't hurt if it's a cheap date, either.

Did our date with OCZ's DDR PC3000 memory live up to the claims of 366MHz at CAS 2.5? Would we go out with her again? Read on to find out.

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