Tyan's Tiger MPX motherboard

MOESI like Sunday morning

FOR QUITE A WHILE, Tyan's Tiger MP motherboard was the first and only dual-processor Athlon motherboard that was really intended to find its way into a desktop PC. Heck, the Tiger MP and its big brother, Tyan's Thunder K7, were the only motherboards anywhere based on AMD's 760MP chipset. We took a look at the Tiger MP when we previewed AMD's Athlon MP 1800+ and again, more extensively, with our Athlon MP 1900+ review.

The Tiger MP was a good board, but it didn't quite light up the enthusiast's mobo scene, despite packing two—count 'em—front-side busses. Now, AMD's 760MPX chipset promises to boost dually Athlon performance while cutting costs, and Tyan is back with the Tiger MPX. Can this new board bring the creamy smoothness of dual processing to a larger audience? More importantly, will Damage be able to make it through this review without going completely overboard waxing rhapsodic about the joys of multiple CPUs? Read on...

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