Belkin's Nostromo n50 and n30 game controllers

A mouse and.. err, something else

FIRST-PERSON SHOOTERS HAVE pushed the technology envelope more than any other game genre, yet the vast majority of us still use the same ancient keyboard and mouse combination that's been around since the original DOOM. Over the years, many have tried to improve on this control scheme, but none have really succeeded. Microsoft's creations never caught on, and the SpaceOrb never developed more than a cult following. Even consoles, a relatively new market for the FPS genre, have generated complaints due to their lack of a keyboard and mouse.

Someone over at Belkin must be tired of his keyboard, because they've introduced the Nostromo n50 Speedpad: a controller that almost defies explanation. Borrowing elements from game pads, joysticks, and the tried-and-true keyboard, the Speedpad is unlike any other game controller on the market.

To complement the n50 Speedpad, Belkin's also introduced the n30 Gaming Mouse. Though not nearly as radical as the Speedpad, the n30 has a few notable features that differentiate it from the rest of the digital rodents on the market.

Has Belkin created the ultimate game controller combo with the n30 and n50? Read on to find out.

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