Ahanix's Iceberg water cooling system

Water water everywhere

OVERCLOCKERS ARE ALWAYS LOOKING for something that will help them in their quest for more speed. From high-quality RAM that will run at insane bus speeds to motherboards with every last tweaking option, the list goes on and on. Water-cooling systems, which use water instead of air to cool the processor or other components, are growing in popularity. Such systems typically cool much better than traditional heatsink/fan combos, and run quieter, to boot.

Today we're looking at one such system, Ahanix's Iceberg. The Iceberg is sold as a complete CPU water-cooling kit which includes all necessary hoses and other hardware. Some of its more unusual attributes include its price (only $99, pretty cheap for a water-cooling system) and its ability to install to Socket 370, Socket A or Socket 478 systems with the included hardware. We'll look at the general quality of the kit as well as what's involved with an installation, and we'll also examine the performance under some pretty strenuous conditions. Curious? Read on.

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