Radeon 9700 Pro cards compared

A three-way Radeon round-up
— 12:00 AM on December 9, 2002

ATI'S RADEON 9700 PRO is currently the undisputed king of 3D graphics. That crown is probably going to stay put at least until NVIDIA releases its GeForce FX, which won't be until next year—and then probably not until February. If you're looking for the absolute best 3D gaming performance over the next few months, price being no object, the Radeon 9700 Pro is where it's at.

If you've already decided the Radeon 9700 Pro is the card for you, you're left with the daunting task of choosing a board manufacturer. Of course, ATI makes a certain number of Radeon 9700 Pro graphics cards itself, but there are a number of third parties and even variations within ATI's own line that add additional features to the Radeon 9700 Pro's 3D prowess.

Today, we've rounded up three distinctly different takes on the Radeon 9700 Pro. We have third-party cards from Crucial and Tyan, plus ATI's own All-in-Wonder version of the Radeon 9700 Pro. Despite the fact that the majority of Radeon 9700 Pro boards out there are virtually identical, each of the cards we're looking at today brings something unique to the table. Which one is right for you? Read on to find out.

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