Covering Chaintech's Evolution Event

And all that could have been

CHAINTECH isn't a huge name in North America, despite being the sixth-largest motherboard manufacturer (positioned right below Abit) worldwide. Although Chaintech's products aren't widely reviewed in North American web publications and are currently only available from a few North American retailers, the company's new line of Zenith and Apogee high-end and mid-range products are making a lot of noise in Europe and Asia. To share a little of that noise with the North American press, Chaintech invited a number of hardware review sites to their Chaintech Evolution Event in Spain. Nearly 24 hours after leaving the event, my ears are still ringing, and that's a good thing.

How has AMD's Athlon 64 delay affected Chaintech's K8 motherboard plans? What has Chaintech done to tame NVIDIA's GeForce FX? How many tasty new features have been revealed in new product roadmaps Chaintech, Intel, SiS, and VIA? Let's find out.

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