Bytecc's Zippy EL-610 keyboard

It glows and stuff

GENERALLY SPEAKING, keyboards aren't all that exciting. Some are louder than others, some have a bunch of auxiliary buttons that I never seem to end up using, and some are carefully molded to be more ergonomic. Even with all those potential areas for differentiation, keyboards few keyboards offer anything interesting enough to capture my attention for more than a fleeting moment.

I guess the fact that the majority of keyboards aren't all that exciting makes it easy for something new and unique to turn heads. Maybe that's why Bytecc's Zippy EL-610 caught my eye. This Lilliputian USB keyboard is small, thin, light, and even back-lit for late-night IRC or gaming sessions in the dark—and it looks like a perfect match for a small-form-factor PC. Check it out.

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