Missing the point: Of products and market segments

Why we don't get it—or maybe don't want it

"BUT YOU'RE MISSING the point!" I've heard this phrase too many times to count after TR has produced a lukewarm review of a so-so product. What follows this proclamation, almost always, is a detailed, tortured explanation of the product's intended place in the world—how it's aimed at a certain market segment, and how that segmentation renders our criticisms irrelevant. I generally do my best to listen, restate our case, and explain why our complaints still matter. Once it becomes clear we won't be changing our review, the PR rep signals resignation and says, "Oh, well. You're just an enthusiast site." Or something to that effect.

Makes me want to pull my hair out. My eyelashes, maybe, for maximum effect. The PR types are implying the shortcomings are not the product's; they are the reviewer's or—more often—the entire publication's. Since we are a PC enthusiast-oriented web site, we are supposedly incapable of comprehending the merits of a product not adorned with neon glowy things and overclocked to the point of near vaporization.

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