Five power supplies compared

Because your PC deserves better power

I'VE SAID IT before, and I'll say it again: power supplies are continually the most neglected PC component. It boggles my mind how many systems I see with swanky LCD monitors, high-end graphics cards, screaming-fast processors, and flashy artistic modifications all powered by no-name power supplies that are often the root of stability problems. Would you dare put cheap gas in a Porsche?

I suppose the assumption is that all power supplies of similar wattage are created equal, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. PC power supplies can differ in not only more obvious environmental attributes like noise and heat levels, but also in the quality of power they deliver.

Today, we've rounded up five brand-new power supplies from Ahanix, Antec, Enermax, Vantec, and Zalman to compare with each other and our previous favorite. We've updated our power supply testing gauntlet, too. Not only will we be looking at DC voltage tolerances and noise levels, we'll also take a peek at each power supply's impact on system temperatures and measure its AC ripple voltage. Which power supply stands out from the competition as the quietest, coolest, and cleanest source of PC power? Read on to find out.

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