Shuttle's XPC SB75G2 small form factor system

Woh Black Betty

SINCE SHUTTLE first introduced the SV24, the company has managed to produce small form factor systems based on just about every major Pentium 4 chipset. Instead of redesigning its XPC chassis for each new chipset, Shuttle simply whips up a new motherboard to drop into its latest cube. This propensity for putting the motherboard before the cube has helped Shuttle keep its XPC line on the cutting edge of chipset technology without messing with an already popular form factor and chassis.

That trend continues with the XPC SB75G2, which mates Shuttle's classic "G2" chassis with Intel's high-end "Canterwood" 875P Pentium 4 chipset. The SB75G2 is Shuttle's sixth XPC system based on the G2 chassis, and with the recent introduction of new "G4" systems, the SB75G2 may also be Shuttle's last G2 cube. If the SB75G2 is indeed Shuttle's last G2, the chassis is certainly going out with a bang. Read on for the goods on Shuttle's Canterwood cube.

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