Casetronic's Travla C137 Mini ITX enclosure

Mini ITX's little black dress

SIX MONTHS ago, VIA's miniscule EPIA-M10000 sold me on the Mini-ITX platform. Since then, a dearth of appropriate Mini-ITX enclosures has forced small form factor enthusiasts to cram Mini-ITX boards into everything from old Nintendo consoles to mini beer kegs. Ok, so maybe all those wacky EPIA mods were driven more by creativity than a lack of available Mini-ITX enclosures, but the Mini-ITX cases are still pretty scarce. Considering the platform's potential, that's really a shame.

To give enthusiasts an alternative to enclosing their EPIA boards in discarded 1980s game consoles, Casetronic has come up with a full line of "Travla" Mini-ITX cases. Today we'll be looking at the Travla C137, a sleek enclosure built for home theater PCs and stealthy desktops. Does the C137 fit the Mini-ITX platform like a glove, or are EPIA boards better off in beer kegs? Read on to find out.

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