A hard drive post-mortem

It's dead, Jim
— 12:00 AM on March 26, 2004

AT WORK LAST WEEK, a hard drive in one of our Dell boxes bit the big one. After being put through the requisite tech support penance ("What is the error?" "Primary hard drive failure." "OK, I'd like to check a few things...") I was issued a replacement drive, which soon arrived. I swapped it in and prepared to send the old one back. Surpisingly, Dell didn't want it back. I knew hard drives were cheap, but I didn't know they weren't even worth the cost of shipping anymore.

I could've chucked the thing in the trash, but why do that when you can tear it apart, take a bunch of pictures, and then chuck it in the trash? I hesitate to call it an autopsy, because I don't know or care why the thing actually died, but read on to see a dissection, anyway.

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