AMD's Opteron 150 and 250 processors

Workstation-class whup-ass
— 12:00 AM on May 18, 2004

TODAY AMD IS LAUNCHING its Opteron 150, 250, and 850 processors. These CPUs pack all the same goodness we've come to appreciate in the form of the Opteron 148, 248, and 848 models, plus 200 more megahertz, for a total of 2.4GHz. Like all previous Opterons, the x50 series is built using AMD's 130nm fab process. Since this is just a speed bump for the Opteron series, we decided to throw a party and spice things up a bit by testing the new Opterons against over twenty different competitors.

Of course, at 2.4GHz, the Opteron 250 threatens to be the fastest system we've ever tested here at TR. Will these newcomers distinguish themselves in an insanely crowded field? Keep reading to find out.

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