EverLAN Summer 2004

Gamers festivate in Colorado Springs

IF YOU'RE LIKE me, your idea of a LAN party probably involves five to ten of your friends, a small network, and lots of pizza and caffeine. To call EverLAN's Summer 2004 event a LAN party in that mold doesn't come close to doing it justice. Yes, in a sense, it is a very big version of the sort of LAN party I have from time to time in my basement. There is indeed a network, lots of pizza and caffeine, and plenty of sniping in CTF Facing Worlds. But when upwards of 500 people attend and hang out around the clock for the better part of the weekend, an informal LAN party might get just slightly out of hand. Instead, what you have in EverLAN and other events of its caliber are all-out gaming festivals, half LAN party and half digital Woodstock.
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