Preview: NVIDIA's GeForce 6600 series GPUs

NV43 emerges for the mainstream

WHEN NVIDIA LAUNCHED its GeForce 6800 series graphics processors back in April, company CEO Jen-Hsun Huang emphasized that the GeForce 6 architecture was highly scalable and would soon power a top-to-bottom line of graphics products. As is often the case with new graphics architectures, GeForce 6 was launched at the top with the NV40 GPU and GeForce 6800 series graphics cards. These cards now retail for between $300 and $500, depending on whether you're looking at a vanilla, GT, or Ultra card.

Although hard-core gamers and performance-oriented enthusiasts might not blink at dropping $300 or more on a graphics card, mainstream markets generally prefer something a little cheaper. Heck, there are plenty of cash-strapped gamers and enthusiasts looking for a deal in the $200 range, too.

To extend its GeForce 6 technology down to mid-range markets and more affordable price points, NVIDIA is now introducing the GeForce 6600 series. Based on an eight-pipe implementation of GeForce 6 technology, flavors of the 6600 will arrive at $149 and $199 price points. Sound tantalizing? Read on for more.

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