Abit's AV8 motherboard

uGuru comes to Socket 939

WE MAY BE experiencing something of an overclocking renaissance. Athlon 64 processors allow lower multipliers, and new chipsets boast locks for AGP/PCI speeds. Meanwhile, a range of companies is offering DDR memory running at speeds up to 550MHz. All the necessary ingredients are there, but to bake up a stable system running faster than stock, you'll need a motherboard built with overclocking in mind—a board like the AV8, Abit's latest in a long line of enthusiast-oriented motherboards designed to laugh at stock clock speeds. With all the must-have integrated peripherals, a working AGP/PCI lock, a sub-$110 price tag, and a BIOS laden with tweaking and overclocking options, the AV8 has the potential to be the ultimate Athlon 64 overclocking platform. Let's see if it delivers.
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