3DMark05 arrives

Tomorrow's benchmark debuts today

THE LAST REVISION of Futuremark's 3D graphics benchmark, 3DMark03, brought a storm of controversy on the little Finnish company, largely because they'd incurred the wrath of NVIDIA. Futuremark survived, however, and their benchmark has proven itself over time. Our latest round of tests in our Radeon X700 XT review used a number of state-of-the-art games, including the Doom 3, Half-Life 2's Source engine, and Far Cry. The performance results we saw in those games tracked very well with the results we got from 3DMark03, somewhat vindicating the benchmark as a decent predictor of performance in the now-current wave of games.

Futuremark intends its new version of 3DMark to give us a glimpse of the future yet again, and if 3DMark05 is any indication, the future of 3D games looks very bright indeed. Read on to see what Futuremark has wrought and how thirteen of the latest graphics cards perform in this new benchmark.

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