ATI's Radeon X800 XL graphics card

GT killer?

WHEN WE REVIEWED ATI's new Radeon X850 series of graphics chips a couple of weeks ago, we said that the more exciting development in ATI's re-spin of its high-end products was probably the Radeon X800 XL, a card slated to replace the Radeon X800 Pro. We are, after all, notorious cheapskates, and a sixteen-pipe card for under $400 is the kind of proposition we tend to appreciate. In fact, the GeForce 6800 GT has been one of our favorite high-end cards, often edging out the 12-pipe Radeon X800 Pro at the same basic price.

Little did we know what ATI really had in store for the Radeon X800 XL. We tested this sixteen-pipe card against no less than twelve different competing configs, and it came out looking pretty good. Then ATI lowered the boom, unexpectedly slapping a lower price tag on this puppy right before its launch. Keep reading to find out about the Radeon X800 XL's killer combo of value and performance.

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