Zalman's CNPS7700-AlCu cooler

Just... huge

WE DON'T COVER cooling products much here at TR, but every once in a while something comes along that's too audacious for us to pass up. Interestingly enough, many of the eccentric coolers that have caught our eye have come from Zalman. First, there was the ZM80A-HP, which passively cooled graphics chips before silent computing was all the rage. Then there was the Reserator, a water cooling system with a passive radiator. This time around, it's Zalman's funky CNPS7700-AlCu, which pledges to keep processors cool and quiet with a massive 120mm variable speed fan.

Yes, that 120mm fan is for a processor.

Can the mammoth CNPS7700-AlCu deliver better cooling with lower noise levels, or is it too big for its britches—and possibly your motherboard? Read on to find out.

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