TR's report on CES International 2005

Convergence converges on Vegas
— 12:00 AM on January 12, 2005

IF WE LEARNED anything from the Consumer Electronic Show's 2005 edition, it's that PCs will be gaining TiVo-like functionality as a standard feature this year. Not only that, but this new capability will apparently come courtesy of Microsoft. Seemingly every motherboard maker, system builder, graphics card company, and widget manufacturer at the show had a box running Windows XP Media Center Edition. Windows MCE was easily the story of the show as far as PCs are concerned.

For us, however, adding a TV Tuner card, a remote, and a new software layer to a PC wasn't quite as impressive as it might have been for others. We've seen it all before, and for quite some time. There were, however, other interesting bits of hardware and info lurking at CES 2005, and we concentrated our efforts on digging up, documenting, and photographing them. Read on to get our company-by-company take on the hardware side of CES 2005.

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