Abit's Fatal1ty-AA8XE motherboard

A Pentium 4 overclocker's dream

INTEL'S LOWEST PENTIUM 4 speed grades have traditionally had excellent overclocking potential, perhaps because of the company's undeniable fabrication prowess. However, Intel has never been a big fan of overclocking, and they've gone to great lengths to limit the practice over the years. Recently, Intel went as far as to implement hardware limitations on overclocking with its 900-series chipsets, whose front-side bus can generally only be increased by 10% without creating problems.

A handful of motherboard manufacturers have found ways to hack around Intel's 900-series overclocking lock, but there's a better solution: Intel's new 925XE chipset. Designed as a companion for pricey Extreme Edition chips, the 925XE natively supports a 1066MHz front-side bus and all the proper bus dividers needed to run at that speed. Best of all, you don't need to drop a grand on an Extreme Edition processor to take advantage of the chipset; it works just fine with LGA775 Pentium 4 processors designed for an 800MHz front-side bus.

Given its penchant for producing overclocking-friendly boards, it was only a matter of time before Abit tackled the 925XE chipset. They've wrapped Intel's latest core logic up in a new Fatal1ty-branded motherboard built with gamers and enthusiasts in mind. Is the Fatal1ty-AA8XE the ultimate Pentium 4 overclocking board? Read on to find out.

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