TXGF's ATI Ultimate LAN Party

Extreme overclocking and 512MB graphics meet in Dallas

THIS WEEKEND IN Dallas, I attended the Texas Gaming Festival's ATI Ultimate LAN Party, a nice-sized event attended by around 500 people. The party featured the usual mix of LAN gaming, tourneys, and sleep deprivation, but it was unique for a few reasons. ATI, the event's title sponsor, saw to that. First, they showed off what they claimed was the world's first 512MB graphics card, a Radeon X850 XT with twice the RAM of the usual variety. Second, ATI flew in three of the world's top overclockers for an exhibition of some of the most extreme overclocking attempts anywhere. Frankly, at the end of the day, the overclockers had utterly upstaged the 512MB graphics card, at least in my view. Read on to get my take.
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