Zalman's VF700 GPU coolers

Dustbuster begone!

ENTHUSIASTS HAVE ALWAYS sought to improve performance. Traditionally, we've measured these improvements in terms of computational power, pixel pushing prowess, and the like, but noise levels are becoming an increasingly important performance metric. As PCs become "fast enough," there's an increasing desire to make them less obtrusive, especially as we move systems out of the office and into our living rooms, kitchens, and cramped dorm rooms where they sit just feet from our beds.

Zalman has been quick to cater to the needs of noise-conscious enthusiasts. The company offers a wide range of quiet cooling products, from audacious Reserator and monster CNPS7700 CPU coolers to passive GPU coolers like the ZM80. The latest addition to Zalman's cooling lineup is the VF700 GPU cooler, which promises nearly silent noise levels and adequate cooling, even for GeForce 6800 Ultra-class graphics cards. Read on as we put Zalman's new cooler through the wringer.

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