Zalman's CNPS9500 LED CPU cooler

Delicately cool

IT'S RARE THAT WE review CPU coolers at TR, but every so often one comes along that we can't resist. OK, every so often one comes along that I can't resist. It seems I've developed something of a fetish for funky, silent CPU coolers, and although my therapist assures me that there's nothing wrong with lusting after artfully sculpted heat pipes and cooling fins, I do my best to suppress those urges. I'm only human, though, and when we spotted Zalman's new CNPS9500 LED at Computex, I couldn't resist the impulse to procure one for testing.

Zalman has been producing funky CPU coolers for some time, and while some of the company's designs are outlandish to the point of impracticality, the CNPS9500 LED has been designed with broad compatibility in mind. It's also been designed to do more with less, and Zalman claims that the cooler offers better performance with a 92mm fan than solutions equipped with 120mm fans. Does the CNPS9500 LED deliver? Join us as we explore the cooler's exquisite array of heat pipes and cooling fins to find out.

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