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Recommendations for the right enthusiast's PCs

WE GET A LOT OF REQUESTS for system and component recommendations. Everyone's looking for the best bang for his buck, either for individual components or complete systems, and we've played with, benchmarked, and otherwise abused enough hardware to know what's what. We've even dedicated an entire forum to vetting system configurations. Although our System Builder's Anonymous forum is a great resource for those looking for opinions on prospective builds, the time has come for an official system guide from The Tech Report.

We've dipped deep into the wells of TR hardware know-how, forged by thousands of hours of exhaustive component testing, in order to formulate a series of recommended system specs designed to fit any budget. These systems are designed specifically for PC enthusiasts, and we haven't compromised quality or reliability in order to cut corners on price. Read on for our recommendations. You might be surprised at how potent a system can be had for relatively little cash.

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