CES 2006

What's shown in Vegas...

LAS VEGAS HAS CHANGED its tune over the last few years. Back during the tail end of the Comdex era, the city seemed intent on cleaning up its image and becoming a tourist attraction for families. The more conservative image matched Comdex's buttoned-down tendencies, but neither would last. Comdex has long since faded into memory, and Vegas's family-friendly marketing has been replaced with "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." PC hardware manufacturers orphaned by Comdex's demise have migrated to the city's Consumer Electronics Show, trading Comdex's conservative business approach for CES's sexy mix of consumer electronics products and gargantuan flat panel TVs.

This year's CES was bigger than ever, and although the show is still dominated by flat screens and MP3 players, just about every major PC hardware manufacturer had it wares on display. Some used the show to launch new products, while others gauged reactions to wild prototypes. Join us as we recap the show and give you the scoop on what Intel, NVIDIA, Asus, Shuttle, and many more had to offer.

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