ATI's All-In-Wonder X1900 graphics card

48 pixel shaders, one rabid octopus

I SUPPOSE THIS REVIEW should be fairly simple. We've reviewed ATI's All-In-Wonder video cards in the past, and we just recently examined the new Radeon X1900 family of graphics cards. Package together the standard suite of All-In-Wonder extras with a Radeon X1900 graphics processor, and you pretty much have the AIW X1900—a $499 graphics card with a laundry list of multimedia features that will record your favorite TV shows, let you edit family videos, play DVDs while you relax on the couch, slice through the latest 3D games with ease, feed the cat, and wash the dishes while you aren't looking. It is, indeed, a wonder. However, each new All-In-Wonder packs so many features into one box, just understanding what all you're getting with the product can be daunting.
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