A pair of water coolers compared

Corsair's Nautilus500 and Zalman's Reserator 1 Plus duke it out

FOR YEARS, WATER COOLING has been reserved for the most committed overclocking and silent computing enthusiasts. Piping water around a PC's internals definitely isn't for the faint of heart, and generally only those with supreme confidence in their plumbing skills have been courageous enough to tempt fate. Fortunately, water cooling is slowly becoming more accessible as all-in-one kits that minimize the need for extensive amateur plumbing become more common. These kits are perfect for those looking to get their feet wet without diving into the deep end, so to speak.

Two of the more interesting water cooling kits on the market are Corsair's new Nautilus500 and Zalman's Reserator 1 Plus. Both are second generation kits, and while Zalman's design is a refinement of the original Reserator, the Nautilus500 is all-new for Corsair. Each offers a different take on water cooling, as well. The Reserator targets low noise levels, while the Nautilus aims for ease of installation. But which kit is best for you? And perhaps more importantly, is either significantly superior to traditional air cooling? Let's take a look.

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