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In the Lab: Logitech’s Adaptive Gaming Kit

I was going to start this post off with a “hello, you may remember me” joke, but acknowledging that I realize that’s a lame idea seems like the better course. Anyway, that’s the best intro I could come up with to let you know that I’m back for a special presentation. You may actually remember a series I wrote late last year detailing my efforts to build a customized Xbox controller for my daughter, Ellie, using the praise-worthy Xbox Adaptive Controller. Go check it out if you don’t.

That series ended up lasting five parts, but I left some ideas on the table I’ve always wanted to circle back to. Now, thanks to the quick-thinking and well-connected Eric Frederiksen (who interviewed the team behind the controller, as well), I’m finally revisiting those ideas and more. Behold!

This should be good.

The “more” comes in the form of Logitech’s Adaptive Gaming Kit, a customizable companion-suite of buttons, switches, and more for the Xbox Adaptive Controller. When I first heard about the AGK, I was immediately excited. Personally, I had no trouble hacking together my own switches for the XAC, but the truth is that even my relatively simple solutions aren’t practical for everyone. Sadly, that leaves many XAC users at the mercy of peripheral manufactures selling ten cent switches as $60 medical devices. That’s a shame.

With that in mind, I’m super stoked to check out the package that Logitech has put together. Initial impressions are very positive and the $100 price tag for all the goodies in the box is an absolute bargain. I’m very excited to pair the out of the box experience of the AGK with some of my own out of the box ideas. Stay tuned for more soon.

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