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Questions about a incident I had with my old Rig

Wed Mar 22, 2017 7:50 am

It has been a while since I have posted here but here goes.

So I am still running my 2600k on my P67-ud4 motherboard and my coolermaster 140xl pump took a dukie on me and the computer was sitting for a good 30hrs at 97c degrees so long that when I replaced the 140xl with a Corsair H100i GTX the nice chrome CPU retention Bracket was gun metal blue!! Not Good!
Anyway the system is running fine with apparent complications, but 2 days later I noticed SLI on my 2 4gb GTX770 classified cards was disabled so every time I enabled it my frame rate would plummet from 60+ to 25fps.
This is after extensive testing with 2 instances of GPUz running to see if the second card was working and its usage was topping out at 75% when they usually hit 99% usage, also the clocks and everything were normal and proper. Anyway I removed the cards again and swapped positions of them and the PC booted up but i had weird visual corruption on like half the screen so i tried it with just the second card alone and the same thing.
So I am saving for a GTX 1080 since I am running 3440-1440 resolution and War Thunder is sucking well over 3.2 GB of Vram which surprised me....I am still getting 60fps+ in a plane which is my realm but in a tank unless I lower the visual setting it is in the 40s which is unacceptable" on another note so many people play games at 20-30fps...Ewe ! and how LOL :)"
So i am curious do you think Baking my card might Revive it or do ya think its not even worth the try?? I recall doing it with my xbox 360 and a older AMD card x800xt but I have no idea If micro fractures in the solder effect the never GTX 770 series cards?
Thanks for any input :) Also I hope bad things do not come in threes for my PC.
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Re: Questions about a incident I had with my old Rig

Wed Mar 22, 2017 8:00 am

Maybe EVGA will replace it? A lot of their cards have 3 and 5 year warranties. Depending on when you bought it, it could still be under the mfr warranty.

Also, it could be just about anything in a six-year-old PC, including the motherboard is dying. Running the CPU as hot as you did for as long as you did might not have hurt the CPU, but could it have cooked the mobo? Maybe the graphics card is fine.

I'd take out the one you know is good and leave the one that might be bad in the primary slot. Then swap back and forth and see if the behavior goes away. That's the first step to finding what's actually failing, I think.
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Re: Questions about a incident I had with my old Rig

Wed Mar 22, 2017 8:33 am

Yeah, as Ben says, test to confirm it's the second 770 that's dead and not the slot or PCIe lanes on the CPU.

Once you're sure it's a dead 770, EVGA are one of the better companies for returns, replacements and repairs. Don't they offer a trade-in program too? If you're thinking about a 1080 see what they'll give you for your two 770's.
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Re: Questions about a incident I had with my old Rig

Thu Mar 23, 2017 1:54 am

Yeah, sounds like damage on the board. Do you have another board/CPU to test in? It may be damage bear the CPU socket for where the PCI-E lanes intersect, so a new GPU may not help and could actually have a larger percentage of performance degradation.

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Re: Questions about a incident I had with my old Rig

Thu Mar 23, 2017 2:16 am

Sounds like the second card, possibly its memory, seeing as the corruption presents when that one is in the primary slot or is on its own, and not when the first card is in the first slot (if I'm reading it right).

If so, I guess it's worth a shot to strip it down and replace TIM, maybe even to bake it before putting on the new, but replacement with a newer model is maybe more sensible as it's so old. Depends on how much cash is available, though, as IME it's a toss up on the motherboard and CPU lasting the year after such an incident.
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