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Ordering from Lenovo: Do you feel lucky, Punk?

Wed Dec 13, 2017 11:54 am

Placed an order for a laptop during Lenovo's Black Friday sale on Nov 24th.

Order was cancelled without notification. I found out by calling in 2 weeks later. Long story short, there was nothing anyone could do because the item (specific configuration) was not in the system any longer.

Dissapointed after being rejected from the Lenovo Exclusive Buyer's Club, I was surprised to receive a follow-up email confirming the exact same order (same item, different order number), with the order date as of the current date, rather than Nov 24th. This too was promptly cancerlled within 24 hours.

I called back in, and same issue as with the first spontaneously cancelled order.

The kicker is that they couldn't tell me why the order was cancelled. It was suggested that it might be an issue with my credit card (but my CC had authorized the transaction - and it even appeared as a temp authorization on my account).

The other reason given for the cancellation was that the system did not like my email address. And that if I was to deign to attempt to reorder, that I would have better prospects trying a different email address. Again, no one could tell me what specifically was wrong with the email address. I've had it for years and have made hundreds of transactions with it without issue...

It's frustrating that, when the automated system breaks, there is no supervisor to speak to. All you can do is order again from whatever products they currently have for sale and take your chances. It makes me wonder why they even have a "customer service" department at all.

And I'm not the only one having this sort of experience.

Do you feel lucky enough to be a member of the Lenovo Exclusive Buyers Club?
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Re: Ordering from Lenovo: Do you feel lucky, Punk?

Wed Dec 13, 2017 12:10 pm

I like Lenovo gear as a rule, but I never buy from them. Amazon and NewEgg seem to get a lot of stock, I'd imagine that anything you'd want to order you could replicate with one of the third-party models and a cheap SSD.

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