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Shameless Litter-Robot self-promotion

Wed Dec 26, 2018 10:54 am

When I posted my Litter-Robot review, Jeff/Adam were gracious enough to allow me to use my own personal referral link. Since then, two people have used my link to purchase Litter-Robots and, by doing so, have hooked up the TR BBQ fund/my PayPal account with $50. Now that the second commission has been paid out, my referral link becomes more powerful, not only does it fill up my gerbil-bank, but it also saves the buyer $25.

FWIW, the Litter-Robot is still doing awesome. The biggest thing to remember is to hit the reset button after you've emptied out the tray and topped it off with new litter. It's like a tare function on a scale, the robot is effectively weighing the deposits, and you want to zero out the weight before it starts its next shift.

Anyway, I know a few of you were looking for Litter-Robot deals before the holidays, so, there's the best I can do if you're still interested.

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