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Unicode emoji inflation

Sun Aug 11, 2019 5:54 am

What do you think of Unicode's constant new emoji additions, the whole idea of including all these random, or overly specific, or in vogue pictograms, and of introducing political-correctness into a character set?

Apparently emoji are now added on a regular cadence. There were pictograms before, but I think 2010's v6 might be the start of the real emoji craze. New ones were added every 2 years between 2010-2014, and since then about 60 new ones yearly. There are now at least 1,100 emoji, depending on how you count.

Random hilites:

v6: "COOL" button (U+1F192, the forum rejects >16-bit characters), Japanese "not free of charge" button (U+1F236), "large orange diamond" (U+1F536).
v12: "purple circle" (U+1F7E3), "holding hands" man+woman, man+man, woman+woman (U+1F46B to U+1F46D).

I'm surprised there haven't been outcries to add notable buildings from every country or religious. Since v6 there's "Tokyo tower" (U+1F5FC) and "Statue of Liberty" (U+1F5FD), but I think that's about it. Since v5.2 there's ⛪ Church and ⛩ Shinto Shrine. Since v8, Mosque (U+1F54C), the Kaaba (U+1F54B), Synagogue (U+1F54D) -- the Muslim get two! Since v12, Hindu temple (U+1F6D5) -- what about the Bahai! (Curiously, the list of emoji on the Unicode site includes the "atom symbol" ⚛ (U+269B) under "religion".)

Apparently emoji are also supposed to be combinable. For example, start with a "merperson" (U+1F9DC), add U+1F3FE Modifier Fitzpatrick Type-5, U+200D Zero-width joiner, U+2642 Male sign, U+FE0F Variation selector-16 and get... medium-dark skin merman?!
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Re: Unicode emoji inflation

Sun Aug 11, 2019 3:56 pm

There are so many it's impossible to keep tabs. I don't use but the same 10-15, and most of those are used outside their intended context. Hieroglyphics for the modern age.

The combinations aren't all that new. Skin tones have been around for a couple years, it seems.
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Re: Unicode emoji inflation

Sun Aug 11, 2019 4:47 pm

The few programs I use that have support for such things... thankfully allows the user to disable showing them completely. I can understand a smiley here and there, but what I've seen on some platforms is just an idiotic over use of "emojis" to make up for a persons lack of literacy.
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